Some of the Modalities I Use to Assist You
in Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness

We are all different.

As much as the developers of certain healing modalities would like to believe their technique works for everyone, I've found otherwise.

That's why I use several tools to assist you on your journey. Click on the highlighted link for a more detailed explanation of that healing modality. Notice which one you're attracted to. That may be the one which will work best for you.

Spiritual Energetic Psychotherapy™ (SEP) is a dynamic yet gentle form of brief therapy. Using the body/mind connection, the energies of painful thoughts, feelings and events are identified. Imagery, breath, prayer and energy modalities are then used to gently release the congested energy. Belief systems which empower replace those impeding growth. Negative spiritual influences can also be resolved. SEP is excellent for the treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias and abuse, as well as distress due to chronic or debilitating illnesses.

Spiritual Pathwork is an opportunity to explore the spiritual dimensions of life. Individual goals can include developing a spiritual program, meditation instruction, contacting and communicating with angels and spiritual helpers, healing prayer for painful life events and other spiritual issues.

PSYCH-K™  quickly and easily balances beliefs which make life difficult and replaces them with supportive beliefs.

You use your beliefs every day. Everything you do, actions and reactions are based upon your beliefs. Imagine how long it would take to just sit down if you didn't have a belief that a certain object, known as a chair, would support your body.

But what if you believe every chair would collapse on you? What would you do then?

You have beliefs that support you in having an easy and joyful life. You have others that sabotage every effort.

The BodyTalk System helps the various parts of the body communicate with each other.

Think of your body as a collection of "individuals" that need to communicate with each other so they can work together to keep you functioning and healthy. What happens if one part quits talking to another part? Enter The BodyTalk System to re-establish communication.

Distance Group Healing is a powerful integration of BodyTalk and PSYCH-K done in a group and at a distance. You receive a distance group healing session every week and then daily healing through the Soul Healing Prayer. You'll want to get your own copy of the Soul Healing Prayer and detailed instructions on how to use it. Take a moment to sign up for it now.

Hypnotherapy uses regression to access the source of painful feelings or behaviors which inhibit personal growth. Regression can take you to an event of childhood, the womb or even another lifetime. The congested energy of the events is released by expressing long buried feelings. Once the energy is released, you can form new patterns of beliefs, thoughts and behaviors leading to growth and healthy relationships. A powerful aspect of this form of hypnotherapy is the ability to connect with the wounded child and nurture that child.

Past-life Regression uses an altered state to help recover memories of another lifetime. Someone currently in your life, behavior pattern or feeling that is causing difficulty is used as a bridge or pathway to the energy of another lifetime. You are gently guided to the lifetime having the greatest effect upon the issue you are investigating.

Going back to the life-time can help you understand or resolve an issue. Sometimes belief systems were formed in another lifetime which are played out in the current lifetime. These can be released and changed. 

Soul Healing incorporates a simple 5-step prayer to bring back various aspects of the self you have denied or sent away. You often lose parts of yourself during times of trauma. Some people know deep within that "something is missing." Soul Healing helps find that part which is missing. You may get your copy of the prayer with detailed instruction here.

Spiritual Lovefare (Spirit Release) is a process where trapped spirits are released to be with the Light (God).The diagnostic question is: "Do you have negative thoughts and feelings that you wonder where they come from?" If the answer is "Yes," let's work together and make your life easier.

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