Spiritual Pathwork

We humans are spiritual beings having a human experience. The essence of our being is spiritual. Our entire life, whether we know it or not, is focused towards spiritual growth.

Spiritual Pathwork moves you along your path. I journey with you for the time we work together. I'm only way-shower.

I provide no answers for you. I simply help you find the answers within yourself. You have a deep inner wisdom allowing you to discover the truth for yourself. Others can only provide opinions, stories from their experiences, and what works for them. In the end, you must look within for your own answers.

When I begin my work with you, I will help you contact the spiritual beings that work with you. I help you focus on your heart and ask these wonderful spiritual helpers to make themselves known.

Once contact is established, and your spiritual guides always want to contact you, I make suggests on how to keep communication going. Blocks in communication usually come from your own sense of unworthiness or disbelief you can be connected to them.

There is nothing God wants more than for you to be in union with God.

What if I use a different name for my Higher Power

That is no problem. I work with you within your own spiritual tradition and belief system. Although my experience is in the Christian as well as metaphysical tradition, I have journeyed with people who do not believe in a personal God.

I have also worked with those who were so wounded in the name of God, they are fearful of God. The goal is to help you find your path to Spirit no matter what name you use for the energy of Love.

I do not attempt to impose my beliefs upon you; although I may share them with you simply to give you another perspective.

I deeply believe that God, Spirit, Source, All That Is, the Great Spirit, Allah is Love Itself and that we are made in the image of that Love. That means that we, also, are love. All you need is a willingness to discover the Source of All in whatever way you are called.

How do I know if the spirits I contact are of God?

There are ways to use your discernment to test the spirits you contact. I will share with you my methods of testing spirits, what to do if one doesn't "feel" like it is from God, and how to protect yourself.

Is Spiritual Pathwork Bible based?

The concepts regarding the spiritual journey can be found in the Bible as well as scriptures of other faiths. People are individuals and different methods, readings, types of prayer and meditations work for some and not for others. Spiritual Pathwork facilitates you in finding what you need for your own personal growth.
The goal is for you to grow spiritually and strengthen your connection to Spirit
If you'd like to contact me, please shoot me an email at


If you'd like to contact me, please shoot me an email at