Hypnotherapy makes use of what is called the trance state. Trance is something we often find ourselves without knowing it. Think of the last time you were engrossed in a movie. You may have experienced these signs of trance:

  • The movie being shorter ... or longer ... than the actual time.
  • Felt the feelings just as if you were there.
  • Other sounds didn't bother you ... if you did notice them.

In hypnotherapy, trance is used to bring your attention inside yourself. You allow images, thoughts and emotions to surface.

How does Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help you go to the source of the problem. For instance, if you have little self-confidence, Hypnotherapy can help you go to the source of where that began. Something may have happened when you were a child and you decided you could never do anything right. Hypnotherapy can help you go back to a belief system and change it to something more beneficial.

What are some areas in which hypnotherapy can help me?

You can take any behavior pattern or feeling and use that as a bridge to go to the source of the emotion or behavior. Behaviors can be any kind of addiction (alcohol and other drugs, food, sex, shopping, etc.) The source of any feeling (anger, fear, anxiety, etc.) can be traced back to where it began.
Once I trace the feeling or behavior back, then what happens?

The next step is releasing the energy. The feeling or behavior pattern is caused by trapped energy. The therapist will facilitate your releasing the trapped energy by expressing it in some way. This could be through tears, yelling, talking, loving, anger release or any number of ways.

Can hypnotherapy make you do something you don't want?

Therapeutic hypnotherapy is not used for mind control. The entire purpose of hypnotherapy is to help you become more of who you truly are, not to force or trick you into becoming or doing something you are not. It can release inhibitions and allow you to do things that you would like to do but have been afraid.

How was Cathy trained?

I received her training from Diane Zimberoff of the Wellness Institute. Diane has integrated a number of modalities that she has named Heart Centered therapies.

I first attended a 6-day training followed by a 2-year internship program meeting for 5 days, 4 times a year. The 6-day introduced me to the hypnotherapy process. The Internship provided an opportunity to hone my skills, learn new ones and, most importantly, do my own personal allowing me to be a better therapist.


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