The Power of Your Heart Source

On a scale of 1-10 how powerful are you? If you’re like most people, especially women, you may rate yourself as a 5 or 6—or much less. If I asked you, “Do you believe you are powerful?” would you have said “Well, it depends.” Most people don’t believe they’re powerful. Why?

So many define power the way our society defines power: as the control or influence a person or group has over others. Our society thinks power is what allows you to bend people to your will. In our society you see this when authority figures, bosses, the government, the police, and even parents get what they want by manipulating or forcing people to do what they demand.

Look at the wealthy. So often you read stories of wealthy folks who believe they can buy their way out of problems. They believe, and most of the world believes, money is power. They believe the more money they have the more power they have.

Force or Power?

Is that true? Which is better? Is power getting what you want because people are afraid of what you will or will not do? Or is power being loved and respected for who you are, not what you have or can materially give?

I’m talking about the difference between force and power. Force is pseudo-power. It’s the power over others based in control and fear.

You may not have money, physical strength, or the prestige to manipulate others through fear or greed to do what you want. You may, however, have within you the ability to avoid being controlled by fear. You have within you the ability to achieve so much that force can’t give you.

Everyone has true power within them, but few know how to access it. When I speak of true power, I’m referring to your personal power. That’s the power you have within yourself.

Power is the energy which you use to create from pure potential. You find your power through the right use of the mind, consciousness, and the human energy field. You access it by using the one and only substance from which we were all made—Love.

I’ll be exploring aspects of true power, love, and creation through a series of articles. This is the first.

Who is Amma?

Before explaining the Heart Source, let me introduce Amma to those of you not familiar with my work. Amma taught me about the Heart Source.

You may have heard of Amma in various spiritual circles. There are several women and one man I know of who say they hold the energy of the Divine Mother. The energy of Amma I bring in is not one of them.

I was gifted with the ability to bring in the energy of the feminine aspect of God, known as Amma (Ama in some spellings). I don’t bring in all of her energy because I can’t hold it in my short body. I am able to channel (this is a metaphysical word which means to convey thoughts or energy from another consciousness) the feminine aspect of God, known as prophecy in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Amma gifts me with messages through energy which I interpret. I’ve been doing this since the early 2000s and have had great fun and many challenges with this experience. (Perhaps I’ll write an article about that wild and crazy ride.)

Amma has given me numerous messages over the years. One of the most powerful was how to access internal power. It’s called the Heart Source.

Amma Explains the Heart Source

Amma explains that the heart center, also called the heart chakra, is the entry way and transformational center of your energy system. It brings together the energy of your physical world with your connection to the spiritual world. You’ll find your heart chakra in the center of your chest.

She clarifies that the Heart Source is foundational to everything she teaches. When you establish and invoke your Heart Source, you connect the energies of the heart with that of your brow chakra. Then you connect to the center of the Universe and the Earth, enabling you to more easily receive energy from both. By invoking this multi-dimensional structure, you access Love and your personal power.

Amma’s Heart Source Invocation

Invoke your Heart Source through the following steps:

  1. Enter the front of your heart chakra. It is in the center of your chest. Feel your consciousness entering into the heart chakra. Breathe in and out of this center. If this is a new experience for you, give yourself a few minutes.
  2. Enter the back of your heart chakra, which is opposite to the front of your heart center. Go deep within.
  3. Enter the front of your brow center, also known as the third eye. Go deep within while remaining in the front and back of your heart chakra.
  4. Enter the back of your brow center in the back of your head. Go deep within.
  5. Connect your heart center with your brow center. Imagine a beam of light moving through your pranic tube from the heart center to your brow.
  6. Send the beam of light up to the center of the Universe. (Don’t worry where that is.)
  7. Send an additional beam of energy to the center of the Earth.

Live from the Heart

Amma explains that to live your life to the fullest in any situation and be in your power, you must learn to stay in your heart, and, more specifically, within your Heart Source. When you live from your heart, it doesn’t matter how much chaos is around you. You won’t experience fear, anger, or any other low vibration energy while fully in your Heart Source. The energy of the Heart Source is also your most powerful tool in protecting yourself energetically.

Amma teaches that living from your Heart Source helps you:

  • Stay centered and grounded.

When you aren’t centered and grounded, you can easily be thrown off balance by what is happening in life. You’ll allow your actions and thoughts to be manipulated by fear and anxiety. When you remain in your heart center, you are centered and at peace. When you ground into the Earth during the Heart Source invocation, you connect to the Earth and stay present in your physical body. This assists you in staying balanced when the energy swirling around you is in chaos.


  • Remain balanced in your physical body and energy centers.

Every organ, system, and cell in your body has an energy center where its consciousness resides. The energy center of your heart is the governing energy center of the physical body and all of the energy centers. When you focus on the energy center of the physical heart, it has an instant effect on the energy centers of each part of the body.

If you continually focus on the energy center of the heart, you can bring the entire physical body and all the energy centers into balance. In addition, since your heart chakra and heart center have a direct connection to each other, it also means that your energy bodies (the various layers of your aura) will be balanced as well.


  • Activate your intuition more fully.

Your Heart Source expands your awareness beyond your five physical senses and makes it easier to connect to your guidance. Expect your intuitive gifts—clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience—to blossom over time. You’ll notice your “gut feelings” more and will begin paying attention to them more often.


  • Discern the truth of information.

When fully within your Heart Source, you are better able to discern what comes from your mind or little ego and what is from your Soul Self, also known as your Higher Self or spiritual energy. Your intuition is sharpened and allows you to check if the information you receive from others is correct. When you watch the news or have a conversation with someone, you can ask if what is being said is true. “Listen” to your intuition.


  • Connect with multi-dimensional information.

By entering the back of the heart center, you can access energies in other dimensions, universes, and times. You can trace or map the history of an issue in your life through lifetimes and connect and communicate with those who have shared other lifetimes with you. You can also speak to your guides who have journeyed with you on the inner plane in various lifetimes.


  • Stay protected from low vibration energy.

When you are in your Heart Source, you fill yourself with the high vibration love energy contained in the heart. It forms a higher vibration shield around you, protecting you from the low vibration of others. This energy either “bounces off” you or is neutralized.

When you are in your Heart Source, you fill yourself with the high vibration love energy contained in the heart. It forms a higher vibration shield around you, protecting you from the low vibration of others. This energy either “bounces off” you or is neutralized.

From Amma you have learned that forming the Heart Source through this simple 7-step process will assist you access your personal power. Learning to live within it throughout your life will keep you calm when others are running around like the world is coming to an end. Once you’ve practiced being in your Heart Source, you can simply use the command, “Heart Source,” and it will form around you.

To learn more about accessing your power, check out my book, The Heart: Doorway to Your Power. You can get a paperback or eBook through Amazon.



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