How to Relax When You Lose Control of Your Life

Stress Got You: How to Relax When You Feel Your Life Is Out of Control

The causes of stress will always be with you. Some people are adept at increasing their stress levels because they don't know how to handle what is happening in life. Relaxing, which reduces the physical symptoms of stress, is a skill you can acquire. Luckily it’s not that difficult to learn how to handle stress and bring it down. Unfortunately the more stressed you are the more you have to work at bringing it under control.

Here are some of the ways you can bring down your stress levels and relax your mind and body:

  1. stretch-63869_960_720Have a good stretch

Sounds too simple, doesn't it. Try it now. Just stand up and stretch your body for a few moments. Let the tension and stress out leave your body as you stretch. You can also give your body a good shake. If no one is around make some noise. Now get back to what was stressing you out. Give it a go. It really works.

  1. Exercise

If you can set aside a good 30 minutes then do some exercising. Walk, jog, jump up and down. If you have more time, play a game of tennis or attempt to beat your personal best in weight lifting. Think about whether you’d prefer to exercise alone or with friends and do what works for you.  You may either schedule big blocks of time once a week or small blocks of time to stretch and relax throughout your day.

  1. Music

Music can either trigger relaxation or pump you up. Some songs may make you feel great but they should be avoided when you’re agitated. Instead listen to music that soothes you when your stressed. If you do gentle exercise such as yoga and stretching, or just need to close your eyes for a moment, choose something soothing. If you want to get your body moving, put on something with a strong beat.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is something that is simple but challenging. Meditation focuses your thoughts and helps relieve tension. To meditate just focus on your breathing and, when your mind wanders, bring it back to breathing. It also helps to bring your awareness to your heart as you breathe. It couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Get help

Some people feel more relaxed when they are alone, and others feel better in the company of friends. Reach out to your friends and family if you like. Talk to them about the challenges and feelings you’re having, or use them to distract you. Have dinner with your friends and family or go watch a movie. Just make it fun.

  1. Laugh

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Watch your favorite video or go watch a comedy show. Have fun with your friends. Read a joke book. Just find something that can make you have a good laugh. My sister, brother-in-law and I were laughing out loud watching an old Carol Burnette television show. What makes someone else chuckle may not make you chuckle.

  1. Feel gratitude

awdIt’s all too easy to forget the wonderful things you have when you face something difficult. Create a list of everything in your life you’re thankful for and feel gratitude for them. Really feel it. Reminding yourself of the good in life puts the bad in perspective.  Choose one thing a day and move into a place of deep appreciation.

  1. Have a nap

Sleeping is a great way to reboot your nervous system. Find a nice place to lie down and shut your eyes for a few minutes. If you can do it, an hour long nap can take away a lot of stress.

  1. Think yourself happy

Take the time to remember a happy thing from the past and relive it in your mind. Visualising things that make you happy is a great way to get rid of stress. Be creative in your thoughts and enjoy them.  Keep some "filed away" in your mind so you can go to them whenever you feel overwhelmed.

  1. Get rid of caffeine

Caffeine doesn’t mix well with stress. Take a break from caffeine to restore balance to your nervous system. Do you really need the extra stimulation? Try some chamomile tea. That is known to relax your body.

  1. Take in the sights and sounds around you

You can close your eyes to really listen to the world, or cover your ears to really look at the world. It might make you look a little silly. Turn off one of your senses and focus on the environment around you. This is a great method to truly be present in the moment. Focusing on your surroundings helps prevent more stress building up.


Stress is a part of life. When you manage stress you make life more fun. It’s best to get rid of stress as soon as you feel it. Stress is something powered by the momentum of your feelings. When your stress levels become too high it becomes more difficult to bring them back down. Techniques to reduce stress are for getting rid of small to moderate amounts of tension. Use them before stress can build up and cause a meltdown.

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