Napoleon Hill and Persistence

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Technology, Time, and Persistence

If you’re not familiar with Napoleon Hill, I’m going to assume you’re fairly new at learning how to expand and get what it is you want in life. If you aren’t new, but haven’t heard of him, then you’re in for a treat. His most famous book is Think and Grow Rich. It’s a distillation of his much larger book The Law of Success in 16 Lessons.

We live in a society in which the technology of today has imprinted upon us that everything we want must come immediately. Food comes out of fast food restaurants or microwaves, is delivered to your front door, you can text someone for an immediate answer, you can find almost any answer by using your search engine.

This “instant gratification” has spilled over into our educational system and work environment. Kids think they should be able to get the grades they want without doing the work needed. Young people coming out of college believe they should be hired now for a job that requires 10-years of experience. Almost everyone seems to have forgotten that it takes time to learn new skills and achieve the goals you want.

Today I want to focus on one of Napoleon Hill’s quotes. “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

When you learn any new skill, it takes time. You’re engaging your brain and your body. The physical and the mental have to learn to work together. Each time you practice your new skill, there are electrical impulses which form tracings, or roadways, in your brain. (It’s often referred to as a “neuro-net.”)

It’s crucial to be patient while waiting for everything to come together, body and mind, so you can learn your skill. Once you learn, and keep practicing, you will get better and better. If you want to be the best at what you do, count on spending about 10 years to become a master in your chosen area. (Althought there may other, faster, and less known ways which involve accessing your less than conscious mind… but that’s another article.)

Think back to when you first began learning a skill you now do easily. You may have been frustrated at first and, now, you may laugh at how frustrated you were. You may have even been tempted to give up.

You don’t have to be number one in order to accomplish anything. If you’re learning how to set up a webpage, all you need are step-by-step directions, the patience to follow them and the persistence to keep doing what you’re doing.  If you keep following this process, what would have taken you 100 hours to accomplish, you could get down to 10 depending upon the project.

Be Good Enough to Have Fun

Not everyone wants to be the top in their field. They simply want to be good. There is certainly nothing wrong with being “just” good at what you do. If you have a passion for something, be it a hobby or an area of work, you will naturally be drawn to learning more and practicing more. Because you’ll be having such a great time following your passion, one day you’ll become aware of how good you are. In fact, you’ll be better than most.

There are number of things I enjoy doing but I’m not particularly good at, at least when compared to other people. Video games is one of these areas. I was playing a Harry Potter Lego video game with my (then) seven-year-old great-nephew. Let’s just say that he beat the socks off of me. He got frustrated with me because I was no competition for him. My favorite “pass the time” games I play on the computer are word games, find the hidden object games and puzzles and shapes. I know most of my great-nieces and nephews could beat me any of those games. My purpose in playing it is not to be excellent at it. It’s to relax.

I’m a writer and a healing facilitator by profession. These are very important to me. I want to master these areas. That means I practice and practice and practice, with some timeout for more education, and then practice some more. I don’t want to be just good in these areas. I want to be excellent. I’ve even asked Jesus to help me facilitate healing like he did. That’s how much helping others heal means to me.

What is the most important thing to you in your life? Your answer tells you you need to focus on. This is where you keep working, keep learning, keep practicing and never give up. Don’t worry about how much time it takes. Time will pass. You can either accomplish something with time, or look back and wonder why you didn’t do anything of value when you had the chance.

Remove the block to persistence

What if you do give up easily? What if you just don’t have that persistence? People may call you lazy, but I doubt you really are. You have an emotional block which comes from some painful event so long ago.

One of my favorite tools is the Soul Healing Prayer on the painful event which caused the block. You don’t even need to know the exact event.

Above, I said you could put a web page together by following step-by-step instructions. Follow these steps and you can achieve some healing. Ready?

  1. Move your awareness to your heart. You can simply put your hand on your heart and imagine breathing in and out of your heart.
  2. Ask the Soul Healing Angels to be with you. If you’re not comfortable with angels, ask for whomever you pray to to be with you.
  3. Tell them you want to heal the wound whose after-effects is blocking your ability to be persistent.
  4. Ask them to find and bring back to you all the pieces of yourself you lost at that time which is contributing to you wanting to give up too easily.
  5. Ask them to clean, repair and heal all those pieces.
  6. Ask them to fully integrate all pieces within you.
  7. Say thank you.

That’s all there is to it. I’d love to hear what you experienced. Please write your comments below.

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Blessings on your Odyssey to Wholeness. Dr Cathy


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