You Can Avoid Frustration

When you don’t get what you want it can leave you feeling frustrated. You can’t avoid this, but you can manage your frustration. No one enjoys being frustrated but you can actually use it to your benefit. Frustration is a sign that you think you should do better. It’s also a sign that what you’re doing just isn’t working. Here are ten ways to handle frustration properly.

  1. Focus on how far you’ve progressed

You get more frustrated when you look at how far you have left to go. So don’t forget to look at how far you’ve come. The road to success is paved with improving constantly. Focus on the positive to move away from frustration.


  1. Give yourself more time

When you’re trying to do something it’s better to take a little longer than you planned to. Don’t be so strict with your deadlines. Start out early and make plans to prepare for the worst. That way if something does go wrong then you’ve got the time you need to catch up.

  1. Stay in the moment

The moment right now is perfect how it is. You only get frustrated when you think about the future or the past. When you don’t get what you want you become frustrated. It’s also easy to be frustrated by what happened in the past.

  1. Understand why you’re frustrated

There are some situations and some people that can leave you pretty frustrated. Write down the things that trigger you and see if it’s possible to avoid them in the future. If not then maybe you can just work around them. Keep your composure even if you can’t work around what triggers you.

  1. Be reasonable with your expectations

Are you expecting too much of other people. You will be frustrated if people don't fulfill your expectations. You may not be able to perfectly predict how people will act but you can use how they’ve acted before to reasonably assume their future behavior. Don’t expect too much from people and you won’t be frustrated.

  1. Write about what frustrates you

Instead of thinking incessantly about the things that frustrate you take the time to write them down. List everything that frustrates you and read through it while taking deep breaths to relax you. You’ll find you’re feeling better by the time you get to the end.

  1. Remember those past times you felt frustrated

If you think about the things that made you frustrated in the past you’ll see how silly it all seems now. You’re going to feel the same way about what you’re currently going through in the future. Though you can choose to feel better about things now rather than wait a good ten years for it to be funny.

  1. Be responsible

Even though it’s easier to blame other people it’s also a trap. When you give someone else the responsibility then you no longer have the power to make things better. When you accept responsibility for how things have gone you also accept the power to make things better.

  1. List down ways to get past your frustration

No one knows what works for you quite like you. So make a list of 25 different ways that you can get rid of frustration, or just make things less frustrating. Think about what is likely to frustrate you throughout the day and think about ways to improve your day.

10. Do something good with your frustration

Frustration doesn’t have to be bad. Take your frustration as a sign you need some stimulation. It’s a good sign that you believe things should be better than they are. When you know things should be better, you can focus on change and come up with ways to get out of that frustration.

Never being frustrated means that you’re not trying. Everyone gets frustrated at some point. Rather than avoiding it you should learn how to manage it and use it. It tells you that you need to approach something differently. Be creative and find a solution. Take a look at the frustration you feel and find a way to deal with it.

You Can Heal the Root Cause of Frustration

You know something is bothering you when you feel discordant or uncomfortable feelings. The cause of everyone's frustration is different because the wounds are different. The feeling resulting from the wounds may be similar. It doesn't matter the cause, you can often use simple healing tools taking less than a minute to heal the wound thus dissolving the frustration.

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