Personal Spirituality and the Question of Free Will

Made from Energy

Before incarnation you decide what it is that you wish to experience. 

Only when you come into the physical do you “forget” that all learning is spiritual remembering. The “forgetting” is part of the process allowing you to “remember.” How can you have the excitement of “remembering” if you still know?

You decide in what way you are going to remember. Encodements for these ways are developed and set within you. Some of the encodements are active immediately. Others are activated later in physical life after you have progressed in your learning. Still other encodements are on an “as need” basis. That means they are available if you decide to go in a particular direction.

You have encodements to match the spirituality 

most prevalent in the family and culture in which you decided to be born. Some of you who were adopted have encodements for the spiritual culture of your biological family but not your adoptive family. You wanted to learn about the differences in the two spiritual/religious cultures. One way to learn is to experience them as, at times, opposing and complementary forces. Your task that you set for yourself was to discover “the truth” about spirituality and its difference from religion.

Depending upon what you wanted to learn your encodements focus on religion or spirituality or a balance between the two. Some have encodements which focus on religion initially and then move to spirituality. Others have a balance where they stay spiritually connected and express that through religion. In this case the religion is simple a vehicle for expressing and exploring spirituality much like a particular school is a vehicle for learning.

Still others have decided to learn what life is like committed to a religious ideal but devoid of conscious spirituality. These are your fundamentalists of any religion. In most cases their soul task is to be able to move from non-acceptance of others to the realization that all are one. Others have chosen to be a foil, a lightening rod, that others can move away from and discover spirituality. They may have chosen not to experience spirituality in a Oneness perspective this life time.

There are always basic nature of the individual connecting each person to the Oneness, to the All. Each person springs from ultimate Love and consists of ultimate Love. The encodements influence how that expression of ultimate Love will be in this life time. It is much more difficult for one who chose, before incarnating, to experience fundamentalism and not “Oneness” spirituality to move to “Oneness” spirituality. In most cases the encodement process prevents the “seeing” of the deeper reality.

However, one can consciously chose not to move to Oneness spirituality even if encoded for it. One can deny what one sees. This is the role of free will. Even though someone is encoded in a certain direction free will can change events.

The limiting nature of encodements is that, in certain areas, it is more difficult to move from a narrow view to a broader view unless encoded for that move. The change would need to be done on a soul level rather than a conscious physical level. This can happen. This change can also occur in what is known as near death experiences. When one experiences the return to the Oneness, one is given to opportunity to re-incarnate in the same body. Encodements are redesigned and the soul comes back to the same body.

Encodements for greater than 4 dimensional view of life can be deactivated or damaged. Free will enters here.

Now the question is: Is there such a thing as free will? The answer is “Yes” and “No.” It depends upon the level of awareness you are speaking of. Ultimately there are tremendous forces at play upon your life. First there are the forces of your encodements. Then there are the powerful and largely ignored forces of astrology. The electro-magnetic field emanating from the planet is a powerful and rarely explored energy affecting everyone. There are also the forces determining your thoughts. This is found in television, radio, movies, advertising, books, etc as well as by those who are not in the 4-dimensional physical. This includes what you call your angels and guides, those in the astral plane, as well as those from other planets.

You do have free will in the more mundane areas of your life. Will you watch television or not, listen to the radio, read certain materials, meditate. Even in these areas there are forces pushing you in one direction or another. Those with strong will can withstand some of these forces and make definite choices. However, this is what you planned on doing. So, is it really free will?

You have heard the expression “Go with the flow.” If life is easier “going with the flow” or following universal laws, then is that free will? Wouldn’t free will simply mean that you could chose whatever it is you wanted with out being “forced” or “directed” in one way or another?

Ahh, I am sure the last few paragraphs will present much for reaction or thought.

Hands with Energy

Read What Others Have Experienced Using Encodements

I have been drawn to Encodement work for several years now because it is so empowering for me. I can take responsibility for everything I create in my life and endeavor to heal it with the assistance of my Encodement Technicians/Team. Divine Mother Amma is such an important part of this process, and I am so grateful!
Cleo M

New Jersey USA

I am more calm and centered nowadays than I have ever been to myself and others. When I do get triggered,  I understand that some part of myself is asking for my attention,  and to be healed, and I will often,  if not always,  reach out to my Soul Healing Angels. I know for a fact that I would have been painfully anxious about the state of the world as it is today with the pandemic and political turmoil as well as the health issues of any number of loved ones but I am much more able to remain reassured that I am, as you so often remind us, loved, and that is no small thing!


Pittsburg PA

Encodements have been an integral part of my life for a number of years now. Specifically – the year we lost our Son – they were there to help me through my grieving process. They are part of who I am and I feel stronger and more centered knowing they are there for me.
Annie B

Ontario Canada

For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been taking Dr. Cathy’s Encodement Intensives. I have experienced a variety of healing methods over the past 26 years and want to express my appreciation for the Encodement work she does. It is an easy and effective method of letting go of erroneous beliefs and emotions that block our healing of self as well as our Spiritual evolution. Dr. Cathy is one of the clearest channels of Spiritual healing energy that I know and has a passion for making it available and affordable to everyone who is searching for their True Self within.
Kate B

Ontairo Canada

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