How a Positive Attitude Affects Your Success

8 Ways a Positive Attitude Enhances Success

I’m sure you’ve heard about the power of a positive attitude, but you may not have given much thought to its power in your life.  Positive attitude changes your view of life, assists you in being more productive, improves your quality of life and positively affects people in your environment.

Here are some specific ways a positive mental attitude improves your success.

A positives attitude elicits a positive response. The way you behave not only affects the way you see people but also the way people see you. You can easily identify people who give out those positive vibes from those whose attitude is just negative.

When positive you attract people to you, “luck” finds you and life flows more easily. When you leave a positive imprint upon the world, you will become more successful than those who are always looking at the downside of things.

With an upbeat attitude you can choose how your life will turn out. People with optimistic attitudes often feel they have more options to choose from. This means they have more opportunities and have more control over how their lives progress.

•    The more options you feel you have to make a better life, the happier you are. We all enjoy having choices in our lives.

Positive people have stronger and emotionally intimate relationships with people. Don’t you want to

spend time with people who are optimistic? People are often happier and more comfortable with a person who has a positive attitude.

If you’ve read this blog for long you know that being positive, having a great attitude improves your health. Studies have shown that your thoughts affect the strength of your immune system. Having positive thoughts will make you healthier. That means fewer trips to the doctor and more money for fun things.

You will be more productive. A negative attitude has an effect upon your mood which makes causes you to feel heavy. You’ll find it difficult to make progress because negativity says, “what’s the use?” When you put positive energy into whatever you are doing, you will have more drive and get more done.

Being positive makes it easier to be persistent when times get tough. When life becomes challenging, and it certainly can, having positive thoughts helps you move through the pain and difficulty. When you have a negative attitude, you will have a difficult time pulling yourself together to move on with life.

According to success experts, if you have big aspirations you have to be committed to your plan of action. Holding the positive outcome in your mind will make it easier for you to hang in there when things are difficult. You have a greater chance of seeing options and finding solutions to your challenges.

Self-confidence and a positive attitude are partners. When you believe there is no hope, your self-confidence will be shattered. Filling your mind with negative thoughts leads you to doubting yourself and your abilities.

Tranquility will be with you. There will always be stressful situations in your life and this often affects your success. A positive attitude will give you the peace of mind you need to be able to function properly every day.

What do you do if you have difficult being positive no matter how hard you try? What can you do?

Many people have deep wounds which prevent them from looking beyond the pain. This is when you need to engage in some healing. There are healing tools available. (I have the Soul Healing Prayer which you can get here. There’s also a video explaining it.) There are also people who can assist you.

Have you heard this riddle: “How many life coaches does it take to change a light bulb? Only one but the light bulb must really want to change.”

You have to be willing to throw yourself into your healing. If you used the Soul Healing Prayer anytime you felt negative or upset you would get better. BUT, you have to use it. You have to use it even if you don’t think it’s doing any good.

The pain you’re feeling is deep and is in layers. Know it takes time to heal and just keep at it. I also have opportunities for distance healing just for you. You may read more about it at


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