You Have a Healing Team Waiting to Help You

You have so many wonderful beings of love who want to help you in any way they come. There are what you call your angels and guides. You also have a Healing Team whose sole purpose is to help you heal in mind, body, emotions, and soul.

Members of Your Personal Healing Team

Each member of your Healing Team is assisting you heal and expand. As you go through life, you will learn more about who you are as Love Incarnate. You discover your true self. In order to do this, you need to release the wounds of the past. Have fun meeting the various members of your Healing Team. 

Your Soul Self

Your Soul Self is your complete soul energy. Amma usues this term rather than "Higher Self" to avoid the hierarchical nature inherent in "Higher" Self. 

Before you incarnate, you and your Council decide how much of your Soul energy you bring with you to navigate this particular incarnation. Your Soul Self is completely aware of you, as an incarnated being, and your plan for your life. You, as your incarnated self, are not fully aware.

Your Soul Self is in charge of what happens in your healing journey and works with other members of your Healing Team as you come to know who you truly are.

Your Bodysoul

As strange as it may seem, you are not the soul of your body. You are with soul who has borrowed your body.

Your Bodysoul is the soul of your body. It manages everything about your body from cell division, to how tall you are, to your metabolism.

You can give your Bodysoul directions consciously, as in, "Bodysoul, I command that all microbes contributing to this cold Leave. Me. Now." Your Bodysoul also receives the messages you give when you are not happy with parts of your body.

The Healing modalities you use, your beliefs about your body, and your Encodement system give instructions to your Bodysoul about how your body is to function. Your Bodysoul works closely with all members of your Healing Team.

The Soul Healing Angels

Years ago Spirit gave me the Soul Healing Prayer. This simple 5-Step prayer can be used with anyone anywhere. Any type of healing which can be put in the category of soul retrieval is handled by the Soul Healing Angels.

I met them when I was preparing to do a type of soul retrieval I had learned that past weekend in my hypnotherapy training.

As I was beginning to go through the steps, I heard someone say, "Call in the Soul Healing Angels."

My response was, "They're Soul Healing Angels?"

I literally heard, "Duh."

Your Soul Healing Angels are always with you to assist whenever you call upon them.

Encodement Technicians

This amazing group of beings work specifically with your Encodements. They know every aspect of your Encodement System.

You give them instructions and they'll do what you ask... after they consult with your Soul Self.

Your Encodement Technicians cannot do anything which is contrary to your Soul's plan for your life. Your Soul self knows exactly what that plan is.

Other Members of Your Team

You may invite any spiritual being you wish to be part of your team. People have invited Jesus, other spiritual connections, various angels, even loved ones who have already passed on. In most cases, they observe and give support by sending you unconditional love. If you ask them to do something which is best done by others, they simply delegate the task while enfolding you in love.

All members of your team work together assisting you in any way they can and in any way you allow on a conscious and subconscious level.


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