Where is Your Power?

June 20, 2010

What would you do with this message: "I can't do it any more. I just have to quit. They win. This is too hard."

Immediately I responded: NO, Quitting is not an option!

She had been through some of the roughest stuff you can imagine ... events Steven King novels are made of. Very few people would believe she wasn't crazy. She felt powerless. How could she keep boxing shadows?

She didn't feel powerful. She felt anything but. By reaching deep inside herself, she found courage and came back. She's still fighting. We're working together and I know she'll win. She has no other option.

Your personal power is in the place that keeps you going when
things seem hopeless. Your power is located right next to your
courage. In fact, it's attached to your courage.

That spark within you that says, "I've got to keep going. I can't
let "them" win." You reach deep inside and you pull yourself out of your despair. You latch onto that courage and come out yelling, "I'm here world and you'll just have to deal with it!"

Do you know where your power is?



A man needed a particular size part for his invention. It had a
rather unusual shape and with even more unusual dimensions. The owner of the machine shop said, "I've got just the crew to work on this."

A couple of weeks later the excited inventor came to pick up his
part. As he was holding it in his hand, he said, "I wasn't sure it
could be made. You must have had your most experienced team working on this."

The owner laughed and told him he'd put his youngest and most inexperienced team on the project.

The inventor was astounded, "But, why? This takes great skill."

The owner smiled and called over the foreman of his most
experienced team, "Hey, Jack! Look at these drawings for me."

Jack sauntered over, glanced at the drawing and said, "Are you
crazy? It can't be done."

The machine shop owner then said, "That's why I gave it to the most inexperienced. They didn't know it couldn't be done."

Henry Ford said "If you think you can or you think you can't,
you're right." That may not be the exact quote, but it is right on.



One of my jobs as a therapist is to give people suggestions on how to respond to verbal abuse.

It's difficult to reach inside yourself and tell someone, "No! It's
not OK for you to talk to me that way."

As badly as others can verbally abuse them, they abuse themselves even worse.

Continually negative self-talk is like taking a hammer and beating yourself continually over the head.

Don't you think it's time to put the hammer down?



Everyone needs to strengthen their will power.
It's there, but isn't often exercised. Just as mental games such as crossword puzzles and Suduko are good for your mental functioning, will power exercises are good for building character.

Pick a negative thought you frequently have. It could be about
yourself or someone else.

Make a decision to get rid of that negative thinking. Every time
you catch yourself thinking that thought, say, "No. Stop now!" Then start practicing your multiplication tables.

The process is that simple. You tell me if it's that easy.



Over the years I've been gifted with a number of healing tools. I
used to offer one of my more popular ones, The Soul Healing Prayer, as a gift for signing up for this newsletter. I've moved it to another site. If you'd like this easy and popular prayer please go to: www.DistanceGroupHealing.com .

See you next month ...

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