The Body Talk System

The Body Talk System


I must confess I was badgered into experiencing BodyTalk. I had several modalities I was happily using with my clients. They were improving quickly and enjoyed the process I was incorporating.

Then along came a friend of mine.

She told me that I just had to learn this new modality called The BodyTalk System. I put her off until I had a session. In fact, I had two sessions. They were remarkable. Here are some of the changes in my life since BodyTalk:

  • Allergy to cats is gone
  • Allergy to pollen is gone
  • I’m more peaceful
  • Food poisoning eliminated in minutes
  • Food poisoning eliminated in minutes (nope, not typos, it happened twice)
  • Wasp sting neutralized in minutes
  • Fibromyalgia pain greatly decreased

How does this work?

The BodyTalk System is a method of balancing the body. When the body is in balance it can resolve for itself many of what people call dis-eases. In addition, when the body is in balance your immune system is stronger and you feel better.

Here are just a few things that have happened to some of my clients:

  • 16 year old able to let abusive boyfriend go
  • Several widows able to resolve extreme pain from the loss of their spouse
  • Neck pain decreased 90%
  • Allergies of all types eliminated
  • 40 year post-operative breast pain gone in one session
  • Irregular heart beat balanced in 5 session
  • ADD and ADHD balanced
  • 3 year old finally starts talking ... and hasn’t stopped
  • Lypoma (fatty benign tumor) shrunk to almost nothing within two weeks after one session
  • Assisted in balancing alcohol addiction
  • Eliminated jet lag

Some of these results seem amazing. For those who had these results, they were miraculous.

Since I am a licensed social worker, with a doctorate in Mind-Body Psychology, my primary goal with The BodyTalk system is to relieve emotional and mental challenges.

People use BodyTalk in various ways. Some people come for just one or two sessions. Others want “tune-ups” every 1-3 months. Still others ask me to use The BodyTalk System “long distance.”

I have a few clients that have major long-term issues and are committed to working with me weekly or more often.

Most people who come regularly for BodyTalk find that the progression is steady. They not only experience balance in their body, but also in their mental, emotional and spiritual lives. That is why they keep coming back.

As with any type of therapy, be it energetic, spiritual or psychological, different people have different results. Some experience "miraculous" changes in one or two session. Others find steady subtle progress as they continue their journey.

In addition to The BodyTalk System I also use PSYCH-K. Please  read  how I incorporate both modalities into one session.

The International BodyTalk Association has published its own informative paper on The BodyTalk System. You can read it  here .

If you'd like to experience BodyTalk in the office or at a distance, please contact me  .


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