Your beliefs run your life. Everything you do, actions and reactions. are based upon your beliefs. Imagine how long it would take to just sit down if you didn't have a belief that a certain object, known as a chair, would support your body.

But what if you believe every chair would collapse unless you first tested it out? What would you do then? A lot of standing or a great deal of time testing out chairs!

You have beliefs that support you in having an easy and joyful life. You have others that sabotage every effort.

How we live our lives, how we act and react are determined by our belief systems. You may find this hard to believe, but even what we see is determined by our belief systems.

(A simply way of “proving” this are the many times you “see” words spelled the way you think they should be, and not as they are – misspellings.)

If you have a belief that your life is difficult, your subconscious mind, which holds that belief, will assist you in “proving” you right. I sometimes have clients resistant to modalities such as Psych-K, The BodyTalk System and Soul Healing because “It can’t be that easy.”

How do you know what your belief systems are? Look at your life. For example, if holding onto money is difficult for you, you have a belief supporting that condition. It could be any one of a number of beliefs, such as:

  • If I have money then I’m not spiritual.
  • I don’t deserve money.
  • It’s not right to make more money than my parents.
  • I can’t have more money than _______.

Everything about life is governed by your beliefs.

You may not stand up for yourself because you have a belief that doing so means you are mean, aggressive, not spiritual, will be hurt or everyone will leave you.

You may not be able to connect with a Higher Power because you believe “God” will punish you, limit you, or ask you to do something you don’t want to do.

What if your belief was “God loves me in every way just as I am?” Can you imagine how you would live your life if you truly felt loved?

You may even have beliefs keeping you in a state of dis-ease. This can occur when the only time you received attention was when you were ill.

Other dis-ease occurs through a process called “somatization.” This means your thoughts and feelings are affecting your body resulting in pain or stress.

An example is someone very anxious with pain in the gut later diagnosed as “spastic colon. The anxieties and reaction to stressors are the results of beliefs.

In PSYCH-K™ I work with you to balance your beliefs. The process is simple. We connect to your innate wisdom through a process called muscle testing. Once we have the belief to be balanced, we will do one of several simple processes to balance the beliefs.

Sound too simple? Balance for that belief first and watch what happens!

Through Psych-K you can balance individual beliefs surrounding a particular issue, and core beliefs.

Core beliefs form the foundation of your life and can determine:

  • Your relationships with people.
  • How you process information (some people actually shut down when certain types of words are used).
  • Whether or not you deserve good things in life.
  • Determines how hard or easy life will be.

As I have worked with both Psych-K and The BodyTalk System, I have found that innate wisdom has sent me to both modalities within one session.

Learn how one session can incorporate both The BodyTalk System and Psych-K.

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