Past-Life Regression

Past-Life Regression

Past-life regression is a controversial subject. A number of books have been written by psychiatrists who were trained in hypnotherapy and came face-to-face with their patient's "memory" or a lifetime before this one.

Is reincarnation real?

I didn't believe in reincarnation for the longest time.

It's not in Christian teaching. I'd read articles by Catholic writers saying reincarnation was being on a relentless wheel never achieving salvation.

A friend of mine raised Hindu and converted to Catholicism talked about reincarnation being God's way of giving us multiple chances of growing closer to God.

Christian teaching talks about God forgiving us time and time again. Jesus said that we must forgive "70 times 7 times."

In my view, reincarnation is God's affirmation of our journey.

My mother introduced me to the concept of past lives. She gave me Brian Weiss' "Many Lives, Many Masters."

I remember being angry after reading it because it made so much sense. Why was I angry? This life has been tough enough. I didn't want a repeat performance.

I now believe in reincarnation and do past-life regression for others. Making connections from one life-time to another is fascinating.

I have had many personal healing experiences when I've "recalled" past-lives relevant to aspects of my present life.

I have witnessed many people receive healing through this powerful form of therapy. You, also, may experience healing.

Here are some frequent questions:


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[wptabtitle]In your experience, what is helped most by past-life regression?[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]Fears and phobias are helped tremendously. I take the individual back to the source of the fear. I assist in resolving the "stuck" energy of the incident that has been carried over to this life-time. The fear or phobia is almost always dramatically reduced or eliminated.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]Give an example of how past-life regression can help me?[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]The most powerful experiences I’ve witnessed was when someone was afraid of another person.

When you go back to the past-life most affecting the situation, you often return to a time when you were harmed, killed or betrayed by the other individual.

Healing the event in that life-time can result in an easing of the tension in this lifetime. The fear is significantly decreased or even eliminated.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]I don’t get images. Something pops into my mind. Why can’t I get images?[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]Not everyone has a natural aptitude for imaging just as not everyone has a natural aptitude for singing. I am one of those that doesn't have a natural aptitude for either.

I have many experiences of my personal past-life regressions. Usually I have a "knowing" of what is happening. All I "see" are vague images which come slowly, especially at first.

I have also found, that if the past-life had a strong relationship to what is going on in my own life, I often continue to have images or "knowings" about that past life-time after the regression.

As I have practiced forming images they have become stronger. Some people describe seeing things like watching a video. I wish I could do that. I still have a knowing of what is happening and have achieved deep healing in the process.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]How do I know I am not just making up the experiences?[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]That is a question with no firm answer.
I can sense your energy and am able to tell when you are using your mind or are tapping into a part of you that is in your other than conscious mind.

Even if the event is not historical reality, the very fact that you brought it up is symbolic of how you are feeling. For this reason it doesn't really matter if you are making it up or not.

Although I know you'd like to know if your memory is true or not, the process itself is therapeutic and healing can occur.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]How does energy travel from one lifetime to the next?[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]I can only give you my perspective on this.

Each one of us is one soul having different experiences from lifetime to lifetime. We play many different roles. Whatever happens to us in whatever time frame leaves an energy imprint.

If something horrible has happened in one lifetime, e.g. drowning, we have a "memory" of the drowning that can follow us. This "memory" may be activated with our first bath or later first swim.

What we do in a past-life regression is find the source of the energy "memory" and free the energy trapped there. I also use the Soul Healing process to bring an even deeper healing.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]How can freeing energy of a past-life change things in this lifetime?[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]We are made of energy. It becomes blocked or stagnated when we do not allow the energy of feelings to pass through us. Since we are energy, energy blockages will come with us.

By freeing the energy it is no longer trapped within us. Our energy flows freely. The energy "memory" is eliminated.

Energy blockages occur frequently. For instance, we experience fear, but don't want to feel it right now. We might hold our breath and try not to be afraid. This process keeps the energy stuck within us and forms an energy blockage until it is released.

We then carry the energy blockage, known as fear, with us wherever we go. To be free of the fear we need to release the energy of fear.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]Will you do a past-life regression over the phone?[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]No, I'm not comfortable doing that at this time. I need to see your facial expressions while doing the regression. I might miss something going on within you if I can't see the subtleties in your face.[/wptabcontent][/wptabs]



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