Integrating BodyTalk & PSYCH-K™

Integrating BodyTalk & PSYCH-K

Both The BodyTalk System and PSYCH-K work with what I will refer to as innate wisdom. Think of innate wisdom as the wisdom of the universe. Innate keeps your body going and knows what it needs. Innate let’s me know, through muscle testing, “yes” and “no” answers.

Both The BodyTalk System and PSYCH-K use muscle testing to obtain their answers.

The method used in The BodyTalk System is of a passive nature. In BodyTalk you are lying on the table with your arm simply resting. I gently lift your wrist to obtain “yes” and “no” answers.

With PSYCH-K you are usually standing with your arm outstretched. You resist my gentle push on your arm after I ask a question.

The BodyTalk System has a protocol which has a number of categories. One of these is “Other Modalities.”

When I reach “Other Modalities” I ask innate wisdom if I am to use PSYCH-K. When I get a “yes,” I then proceed with the PSYCH-K process while you are still lying on the table.

During this time you rest your elbow on the table and bend your arm so it is up in the air. I then do the type of muscle testing in which you resist while I apply pressure. 

Occasionally, you may need to stand up for a particular balance, but not often.

PSYCH-K is all about belief systems. BodyTalk also balances belief systems.

Innate wisdom knows which method of balancing works best for you.

There are times innate wisdom has me balance a particular belief system found on the PSYCH-K reference sheets, but using the BodyTalk technique.

Other times there will be a PSYCH-K balancing within a BodyTalk formula.

Still other times, while using BodyTalk, innate wisdom will take me to a belief system to be balanced through PSYCH-K and then immediately take me back to BodyTalk.

After this happens I notice that the BodyTalk links appear “deeper.”

I believe there are beliefs needing to be balanced before the client’s subconscious mind will allow a particular BodyTalk balance.

I may have an intuitive knowing about when to move between  BodyTalk and PSYCH-K, but I always verify it through muscle testing. Although I’m correct about 90% of the time, sometimes I’m not. I listen to innate before proceeding forward.

If also do just BodyTalk or just PSYCH-K if that is what you prefer. Both are powerful modalities. Innate wisdom will take you exactly where you need to go no matter what modality we use.

If you have a preference, please let me know!

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