It's Time to Super Power Your Immune System

We're at a time when everything is changing including variations of all microbes, including viruses and bacteria.

This completely revised Encodement Intensive brings in more complete information to strengthen your immune system.

Super Power Immune System

Your Immune System keeps all the microbes in  your body  balanced. When in balance, you are a "happy camper" upon this planet. When microbes are out of balance there is illness, pain, and discomfort.

You have between 39 to 100 TRILLION microbes on and in your body, give or take a few. 

You are their world and you need them. If you cleared all the microbes in your gut, you wouldn't be able to digest your food. As long as your body is balanced and your immune system is strong, you will have no problems.

Your immune system is affected by much more than microbes:




Genetics/Other Lifetimes

Read Below for how each of the above affects your immune system!


Your emotions have an instant effect upon your immune system.

As soon as you have a feeling, your entire neuro-chemistry changes.

When you're happy, serotonin and dopamine are produced. These strengthen your immune system.

When you're angry, sad, or depressed, your brain produces norepinephrine. These stress hormones can weaken your immune system.

Peaceful waters
Healthy Meal


You know it, but it is so crucial to your health we need to talk about it.

What you put into your mouth builds or destroys your immune system. Sugar has a negative effect, and most vegetables have a positive effect.

Most processed foods have a negative effect, and home cookin' empowers your immune system.



The healthier your emotions, the stronger your immune system.

The healthier your relationships, the stronger your immune system.

Research has show, over the years, the more relationships you have, the deeper your connections with those you care for, the longer you live.

Balancing relationships is a crucial part of keeping your immune system strong and healthy.

Parakeet couple

Genetics and Soul History

Your genetics definitely has an impact upon how strong your immune system is.

Everyone needs some balancing regarding their genetics to strengthen the immune system as well as longevity.

Then there is your soul history, your history over lifetimes.

You may have brought in with you, events from other lifetimes which you agreed to balance this lifetime. 

During this workshop, we will address both your genetic history and your soul history as it relates to your immune system

This 90 minute Group Encodement Intensive Balances the Encodements of Your Energy Body to Assist in Being Healthy

A strong immune system is not only about microbes. It's also about emotions which weaken it.

Amma guides and directs

Amma the Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of God. She and Abba, Father God, are the creative forces of The Universe. Amma shares strategies to assist you (and me, too) in balancing your Encodement Energy Structure to assist in optimum health.

Works with your Encodements

Your Encodements are your smallest energy structures. They make up everything, even molecules. This workshop, called an Encodement Intensive, joins amazing Spiritual Beings to co-create with you the strengthening of your physical body by balancing your energy system.

A process you can use repeatedly

With your transcript and recordings of the Encodement Intensive, you will be able to listen as often as needed to more deeply balance your body. The more often you listen to the Encodement Intensive the deeper your healing will be.

You work with the creative process

You will work with your Healing Team, Angels and Guides, Spiritual Support System and your Soul Self to co-create your health. You are an active part of the process while you allow your Healing Team to adjust your Encodement System to assist in balancing your health.

Be Open, Listen, and Allow

Few people realize that cancer cells develop in the body frequently..

With a strong immune system your body knocks out those cells which are growing abnormally.

Your immune system is governed by:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Genetics
  • Beliefs
  • Emotions
  • Genetics
  • Toxins
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Stress
  • ... to name a few.
In this Encodement Intensive we did Encodement work on:
  • Subconscious programming
  • Low vibrations being released in dreams
  • Beliefs
  • Interdimensional issues
  • ... and much more.

Read What Others Have Experienced Using Encodements

I have been drawn to Encodement work for several years now because it is so empowering for me. I can take responsibility for everything I create in my life and endeavor to heal it with the assistance of my Encodement Technicians/Team. Divine Mother Amma is such an important part of this process, and I am so grateful!
Cleo M

New Jersey USA

I am more calm and centered nowadays than I have ever been to myself and others. When I do get triggered,  I understand that some part of myself is asking for my attention,  and to be healed, and I will often,  if not always,  reach out to my Soul Healing Angels. I know for a fact that I would have been painfully anxious about the state of the world as it is today with the pandemic and political turmoil as well as the health issues of any number of loved ones but I am much more able to remain reassured that I am, as you so often remind us, loved, and that is no small thing!


Pittsburg PA

Encodements have been an integral part of my life for a number of years now. Specifically – the year we lost our Son – they were there to help me through my grieving process. They are part of who I am and I feel stronger and more centered knowing they are there for me.
Annie B

Ontario Canada

For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been taking Dr. Cathy’s Encodement Intensives. I have experienced a variety of healing methods over the past 26 years and want to express my appreciation for the Encodement work she does. It is an easy and effective method of letting go of erroneous beliefs and emotions that block our healing of self as well as our Spiritual evolution. Dr. Cathy is one of the clearest channels of Spiritual healing energy that I know and has a passion for making it available and affordable to everyone who is searching for their True Self within.
Kate B

Ontairo Canada

Who am I and how did I discover Encodements?

For 20+ years, Dr Cathy has worked with the feminine aspect of God to assist humanity in learning about their smallest energy structures known as Encodements.

In her healing work, she connects with your Healing Team and works with both your Encodement Technicians and your Soul Healing Team.

By working with encodements, she can assist you in making quick and powerful changes in your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic health.


Dr Cathy Chapman

I’m Dr Cathy Chapman, former Catholic Sister of 20 years and now a spiritual seeker in the metaphysical or New Age area.


Here's how to access and make use of this wonderful Encodement Intensive

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Will I be on video?

For the live call, we will be using the website known as zoom. You can join on the web. If you have a camera on your computer or phone, everyone can see you unless you turn your camera off. 

Is there an app for my phone for the live call?

Sure is. Just go to where you download your apps and search for "Zoom."

What if I can't join you live?

You'll have access to the transcripts (word and pdf) as well as audio and video recordings. It's as close as you can get to feeling your with us without being on the live call.

Does the healing occur when I'm not on the live call?

You bet it does. Just follow along with the call, and you'll receive the same healing.

Do I need to listen more than once?

Healing occurs in layers. The more often you listen, the more layers are removed. So, yes, please listen more than once.

What if I fall asleep when I'm listening?

Healing still occurs. Your Healing Team is in charge. They will follow along with us. You can always listen to the recording or read the transcript if you want to be sure you received everything.

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