I want to tell you a story…

The Time is Now for the Amazing Healing of Familial Physical and Emotional Pain.

Have you noticed the ways you’re like your parents, grandparents, even cousins?

I look at my family.

Generational Healing of Alcoholism

The background:

Alcoholism was devastating my family.

I lost my youngest brother to the combination of diabetes and alcoholism.

I’ve lost my oldest brother to alcoholism even though he’s still alive.

There is alcoholism and diabetes going back through my family tree for generations on one side of my family.

The story:

I was in the convent at the time and belonged to a group called the Associate of Christian Therapists.

Looking for family healing, I shared my family pain with one of the presenters. Let’s call him Richard.

Suddenly, Richard began having images of a generational curse from the 17th century which had been affecting my family.

One of my ancestors, who had been trapping animals in the forest, came across a small campfire with a First Nation woman and her infant son.

Her husband, the baby’s father was away gathering food for his family.

When the husband returned, his wife had been raped and his infant son murdered.

I can’t imagine that husband and father’s pain and rage.

He cursed the murderer and rapist for all subsequent generations.

I realize this story sounds outlandish, but I began to see the images, also.

Richard and I began going back and forth at what we were seeing.

He asked me, “Your family is from Canada, right?”

I started to say, “No,” then the words just fell from my mouth, “they were French Canadian.”

I didn’t even know my family had moved from Nova Scotia to Louisiana and then Texas in the Acadian migration.

My paternal grandmother confirmed the family came from France and landed in Nova Scotia.

Richard then told me about, and I participated in, a process called Healing the Family Tree.

Yes, I lost my brothers, one to death and the other to alienation.

But, my nieces and nephews…

My brothers were alcoholics and addicts before they got out of high school, one probably in middle school.

But, my nieces and nephews, now moving into their 40s, don’t show signs of alcoholism.

It’s not that they don’t drink, they drink responsibly.

What is Healing the Family Tree?

If you mapped out your family tree and listened to what happened to your ancestors, you’ll find joys and sorrows.

You may find abuse, wars, and famine along with the good times.

People in the transpersonal and metaphysical world believed what happens to your ancestors can affect you in ways other than the DNA.

Science is now discovering evidence that your great-grand parents’ struggles with famine, war, and trauma can have an effect upon you generations later.

With Healing the Family Tree, or generational healing, we connect with God and Healing Teams to request healing from the root of family problems.

The more you know about your family’s history, the more you will consciously be aware of.

But, you don’t need to know anything.

You can begin with your problems, your pain, your emotions, your health.

The process we use begins the healing with your intention.

Know there is no time, no space with God.

We can go back hundreds, even thousands of years, and healing occurs.

The Process


Get centered and grounded by establishing the Heart Source. The Heart Source is a simple 7-step process which opens your heart as well as your intuition. I’ll take you through it step-by-step during our workshop.


Connect with both your Healing Team and with those amazing spiritual beings who work with your family. You could call them your Family Healing Team. Again, no worries, I’ll take you through each step.


Ask God to cover our work with love and healing. I’ll say a prayer and give you a chance to say your own prayer making your own request.


We address the energy of the events which led to the familial discord (emotional and physical). This happens by working with your smallest energy structures known as encodements. We also work with Soul Healing so you and your family become whole and entire in body and soul.

Included in Step 4 is working with the DNA and any emotional energy passed down from one generation to the next. Your Healing Team will implement the various steps through what are called Plugins.

The primary Plugins address the wound itself (Basic Plugin), any wounds related to the primary one for any lifetime (Healing Over Lifetimes Plugin), the removal of feelings of being a victim (Removing Victim Consciousness Plugin), and the Implant Removal Plugin where you team finds congested energy interfering with your healing.


Any familial curses are addressed and released.


We realign your belief system to health and healing for you and your family.

The total process will take about two (2) hours.

And, because you’ll have the recordings, you’ll being able to deepen the healing by listening as often as you wish to the recordings.

Why Healing Doesn’t Always Occur Immediately

Just as wounding occurs in layers, so does healing.

The effects of war passed own from one generation can be reinforced with the war affecting a later generation.

The trauma of loss is reinforced by the loss of loved ones in subsequent lifetimes.

Your traumas in this lifetime add another layer to those of the past.

Each time you listen to the recordings, another layer of trauma, which you may not know is there, is released.

Each time you do healing, you peal back one of those layers and fill the past with love.

You’ll experience great inner strength, resiliency, and self-confidence.

Where and When

Where: On Zoom which you can access on-line or by phone. You’ll receive the needed information by email.

If you’ve registered after the workshop, you’ll receive an email giving you all the download information.

When: Thursday, May 26 at 8 AM Pacific Time, 9 AM Mountain Time, 10 Central Time, 11 Eastern Time.

The session will be about two (2) hours.

You will receive downloadable of the audio and video files. Please listen to them as often as you are drawn. Each time you listen, you’ll go deeper and deeper into healing.

All you need to do is tune in, relax, and allow.

Really, that’s all there is to it.


In this workshop, you’ll be going to the source of familial behaviors, physical problems, relationship issues, and emotional difficulties.

You’ll call in your Healing Team to bring freedom and release from the pain of past generations.

With a special heart-centered process, you’ll connect with Spirit and your Healing Team to go back to the first ancestor where the problem originated.

We’ll work both energetically and spiritually to change the generational effects of what happened even centuries ago.

We’ll also balance beliefs so you have a new belief system for your life.

The meeting will be on Zoom and you’ll have the recordings if you can’t attend.

The total cost for this short workshop is $67. That’s it.

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This is a powerful workshop you do not want to miss.

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