Gather Your Knowledge and Wisdom from All

Your Lifetimes

In every lifetime we gather wisdom and knowledge. Through this workshop, our Soul Self will travel throughout all our lifetimes, gather that wisdom and knowledge, and activate it for this specific lifetime

Combine Powerful Guided Imagery with Encodement Intensive to Find and Activate Wisdom and Knowledge through the Ages

You incarnate for the purpose of experiencing the various facets of love.

This includes forgiveness, passion, romance, being steadfast, even aspects of "not-love" such as anger, jealousy, and betrayal.

In every lifetime you learn. You grow in knowledge and wisdom.

In a way, it's like living the movie Groundhog Day but with different casts, characters, and scripts.

You discover what makes your life, and life with others, easier and more joyful.

In various lifetimes you play various roles. Sometimes a saint, other times a jerk, still others as someone totally clueless about what is happening in the world.

No matter what role you play, you learn, you experience.

When you leave that incarnation, you have a life review.

You don't just watch a movie of your life. You experience everything, feelings and thoughts, of those you affected.

From that life review you gather wisdom and knowledge. You learn about cause and effect, not just in your life, but the effect your actions have on others.

You spend time between lifetimes learning even more, gathering more wisdom and understanding... which you may or may not bring into another lifetime.

Individual Life Plans for Each Lifetime Determine what You Bring

to Each Incarnation

Life Plan

Depending upon what you want to experience in this lifetime, not all your wisdom and knowledge comes with you.

So many want to experience awakening in this lifetime, to have the excitement of discovering you are more than you ever dreamed (in this lifetime).

If you're reading this, you are awakening to the magnificence of who  you are.

You are ready for more!

The Feminine Aspect of God, Amma the Divine Mother, Teaches What

We Can Conceive We Can Manifest

Amma placed within my heart the process to gather from all our lifetimes

the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge

Imagine what that could be!

Not only the knowledge of, but the experience of what Sacred Love truly is.

How life would change as you activate the wisdom you have within you, within the Golden Structure of Love within your physical heart.

An increase in claircognizance, knowing the truth about yourself and others, life in general, as you need it.

A closer relationship to your Healing Team, Healing Guides, Master Guides and Angels who are with you, loved ones who have passed on, and with yourself.

Greater ability to stay within your Heart Source and tap into the knowledge of the Universe.

I know this sounds fantastic, even unimaginable, but I'm going to trust Amma on this.

Life can be extremely difficult. Let's make it easier by remembering what we have already learned.

When and Where

We'll meet Thursday February 10 2022 at 4:00 PM Pacific/7:00 PM Eastern

We'll gather on zoom which you can do by video or phone.

Everything will be recorded if you can't attend live.

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