Ground Breaking Books Bring Healing as You Read
New Innovative Information and Healing from the Golden Elohim and Amma's Healing Friends
From the Healing Room of Dr. Cathy Tuesday, Sedona AZ
Dear Friend,
If you want to remove energy holding you back in life, making your miserable, ruining relationship, blocking you from achieving your dreams in life, this is the most important letter you'll read today. I'll explain that audacious statement in a moment. But First a Disclaimer You will receive healing reading these books. Each of us received healing during the channeling sessions which produced these books. We didn't all receive healing at the same time. The healing each person received depended upon what was happening in their life as well as their openness to the wonderful healing information we received. Since we were all together, everyone heard the same information at the same time. They followed the directions exactly as they listened. If you read the words of the books from your heart, with an openness to the wonders of releasing and balancing, you will experience changes. You will feel lighter, freer, and more joyful. Life will begin to flow more easily. I just don't know how quickly this will happen for you. Now, let me tell you what happened and why this information is sooooo amazing. I wasn't sure what would happen when I was asked to channel these books. I knew I was going to receive mountains of information. After all, this is an Encyclopedia of Healing, with a precursor book about manifesting. I didn't know, but should have expected, that all of us would receive healing at each channeling session. That's just how Amma the Divine Mother works. The Elohim and Amma's Healing Friends were with me at Amma's request. Many participants received the removal of blocks which were life-changing You, also, will receive healing by simply reading the books and following the instructions. All you have to do is read the books thoughtfully. That's it for healing to be yours for the price of a few books.

Let Me Introduce You to the Books and What You'll Experience

If you just want to order the books and not read the rest, click the button below. Important, if you purchase all 4 books you will receive a FREE 4-hour workshop (date to be set later) based upon these books -- with some new information which comes in every time I teach something from Amma, The Golden Elohim, and Ammiya (Amma's Healing Friends) Also, if you're not from the US, you might do better on postage if you order from Light Technology directly. Postage to Canada is close to $30. (Just send me the receipt to register for the free workshop.) I'll also personalize and autograph your books. You have to purchase them from me (orange button below) so I can autograph them before I send them out. And, if you're in the contiguous US, I'll pick up shipping.

A Synopsis of Each Book

The Creation of Form

This is not just another book on manifesting. The Creation of Form is a step-by step manual guiding you through the process of creation. The Golden Elohim, a group of amazing beings who work with the Creator on creating, gave all of us this information. They know where the roadblocks are in manifestation and give anyone who reads this book the tools for healing. All you need to do is read the material to receive the healing. The Golden Elohim give you instructions on creating your form and how to protect it in your "vault" throughout the creation process. Some of What You'll Learn Pages 2-3: The power of intention and what activates it Page 18: How you are an aspect of God Page 35: What is needed to create the vibration of your creation Page 46: Creation is an explosion of light. Page 104: Using your Crystalline DNA to create your form Page 114: How to create your environment Page 132: Learn how your beliefs affect the form you are creating Page 144: Encodements, your life and your creation Page 167: Learn about creative love and how to use it Page 186: Your purpose is as a creator Page 200: Command doubt to leave you Page 216: Evaluating your form Page 233: Your path to Ascension If you use The Creation of Form as a workbook taking you through the steps of creation, you will be well on your way to learning how to create the life you desire.

Amiya's Encyclopedia of Healing

Who Is Amiya? Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, refers to Amiya simply as "my healing friends." When they introduced themselves to me, they sang their name. Ah-ya-me-de-yah-ta-say-na. Amiya is their nickname. Amiya is giving us an Encyclopedia of Healing. I'm not sure how many books are in this Encyclopedia, but it could be up to 20 or more. The first three are ready for you to read, absorb and use for self-healing. Each book contains information you can use with your clients if you are one who facilitates healing as well as a means for your own self-healing.

From Conception to Birth

The first book in The Encyclopedia of Healing series is healing the beginning of your life in this incarnation. The book first introduces you to the processes used to begin the channeling sessions. You will learn about: ~ Forming the Heart Source ~ The Healing Lecture Roo.m ~ Your Healing Team ~ The use of Plug-ins Chapter 1 Amiya begins with the purpose of incarnating and how you are living all lifetimes at once. Amiya then discusses the DNA and its role in setting up your what happens in your life. Chapter 2 You are called to think like an advance soul, accept the Will of God, and the importance of doing self-healing without judgment. Chapter 3 Learn how to remove the energies which occur during intercourse and before conception. Chapter 4 Learn about the imprints of generational family history and how to remove those imprints. Chapter 5 Discover how to work with the energies of artificial conception, remove the energy of violence during conception, and the potentials of your Soul Plan. Chapter 6 You will learn how to heal energies affecting your DNA. Chapter 7 Low vibration energies enter the womb while you are gestating. You can heal and balance those energies. Chapter 8 Amiya shares the powerful technique in how becoming pregnant with yourself, whether your male or female, can bring deep healing and change your life in the here and now. Chapter 9You will learn how to heal your body from wounds which began in the womb. Chapter 10 Amiya ends with encouraging you to take responsibility for your healing and gives you a plan to further your healing. Appendix All the encodement plug-ins used in the book are given so that you can use them as you progress in your healing.

Not the Energy Field You First Learned About

It's not that what you learned before was wrong, it was incomplete.

The movement to the 5th Dimension with the powerful energies flooding the planet, has changed the way your personal energy is aligned.

Amiya describes the human energy field in three books, two of which are now published. In each of these books, Amiya describes the various energy structures, the problems which can occur, and gives tools on repairing and balancing the energy field. These books on the human energy field are the foundation preparing for the subsequent books on healing various physical and mental problems faced by humanity. Let's look at what's in these first two books on the energy field.

The Aura

My first introduction to the human energy field was when I began the program known as Healing Touch. In the class, we were taught to feel the layers of the aura with our hands beginning with the 7th layer, outside the body about 2-4 feet depending on how expanded we were. The Human Energy Field: Auras continues the format of the first two books. Although information is given, the power of the book is the healing tools and processes shared by Amma's Healing Friends. As you thoughtfully read with the intention for your own healing, you will receive healing.What you will learn~ Learn what being Love Incarnate means and the power of commanding non-love to leave you. ~ Each layer of the aura interpenetrates each other and, paradoxically, has gaps between the layers. Learn how to clear the congestion in those layers. ~ Each layer of the aura has sublayers consisting of the other layers of the aura. ~ Discover how you curse yourself, how those curses form a structure within you, and how to remove those structures. ~ Discover how easy it is to repair the dents and tears within the aura, as well as removing energetic implants. ~ The debilitating power of Victim Consciousness and how to easily remove it. ~How to strengthen and repair your aura.

Sprinkled throughout are Powerful Prayers/Invocations

I stand here in your presence in the glory of your love and in the delight of your love for me. There are those times I am hesitant to believe you love me in the way you say you do. I ask you to remove from me at this very moment those blocks to receiving your love and those blocks to knowing that you love me. I open my heart to you. I open my mind to you. I open my spirit to you. You are mine. I am yours.
By the time you finish the book, you will have brought deep healing and repair to your aura. Take notes and use repeatedly what has been given to you in this simple and powerful little book.

The chakras

The book on the chakras is a comprehensive book (361 pages) which covers:

  1. The general construction of all the chakras
  2. The chakras usually open at birth
  3. How the other chakras open
  4. How to strengthen each chakra
  5. How chakra colors are changing with the increasing vibration of the energy coming into the planet
  6. Certain chakras have both a front and a back and what that means for you
  7. Chakras and sub-chakras
  8. Hidden energies in the "gaps" within the sub-chakras
  9. How the chakras interact with each other
  10. The healing tools you can apply to your life each and every day
  11. And much, much more

You'll find information which is familiar. You'll read information which is new to you as it was new to me. Even if you're not sure the information is correct, use the healing exercises given and notice what happens. Use what works for you again, and again, and again. If you're one who facilitates healing with others professionally or privately, incorporate this information and, especially, these tools, with any other modality you use. Just ask your healing guides to implement the specific plug-in your intuition tells you is needed.

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What those who attended the channeling sessions say about these books

"From Conception to Birth" is truly one of the most illuminating books I've ever read. The divine design and makeup of our bodies is beyond anything I'd every known before. So much touches us that we've never been aware of and leaves its marks forever on us. ~Diana Lightle
Amiya's "Encyclopedia of Healing" is a must for healers and those interested in healing themselves. Cathy Chapman is an exceptionally clear channel, and I am most grateful to her for bringing this information forward at this time. ~Marianne Crouse
Transform your thinking with the power of the material in this book. This is a powerful tool to manifest healing for yourself or others. ~Michele Wolf
If one wants to change the energy on the planet in a good way, it will help you to read these books by Amiya and the Elohim. You will learn fascinating information about the chakras and how to manage chakra energy. And most important, you will learn how to live from your heart. ~Diane Peckham

A Special Offer When you Purchase These Books

When you purchase all four of these books from me, you'll also receive:

  1. A personally autographed copy of each book with a special message for you from Amiya, Amma and the Golden Elohim.
  2. A free on-line 4-hour workshop based upon these books. (Date to be determined. If you miss the live class, replays will be available.) Those who don't purchase the books can attend for $97.

If you purchase all 4 books from Amazon or another source, I can't personally autograph them, but you will receive the free workshop. Simply send me a copy of your receipt with your name and email address and I'll enroll you in the class.

A little about me

Hi, there! I'm Dr. Cathy Chapman, the channel for these books.Around 2002, the energy of Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God began to come to me. This was a life changing experience for this former Catholic Sister of 20 years. Amma has brought me along gently, but firmly, to sharing with you the information about love, Encodements, the Heart Source, and other healing information which facilitate tremendous change if used. She has had to assist me with sometimes gentle and other times major pushes in overcoming my resistance to committing to the various major projects she had in mind for me. The Encyclopedia of Healing is the most expansive project she has given me. The books now available are the first of 5 books which lay the foundation for healing at a deeper level. After these books will come specific books to address PTSD, trauma, sexual abuse, other forms of abuse (physical, emotional, spiritual), relationships, sexuality, chronic illness, specific illnesses, healing of various life stages, and more. These first 5 books, four you can get now, contain the tools which will be used in the later books. Because I'm a facilitator of healing and teacher by nature, this is a fascinating project for me. My life experience has prepared me for bringing to you this information. ~ I was a therapist for 35+ years in Houston, Texas. ~ My time in the convent grounded me in prayer and spirituality. ~ While in the convent, I studied theology and received a Master's degree in theology. ~ My training is in psychology with my doctorate being in Mind-Body Psychology. ~ Amma, the Golden Elohim, and now her Healing Friends known as Amiya continue to teach me... and you if you wish. I invite you to join me on this journey of healing by purchasing these books.
Remember, you'll receive a free course valued at $97 when you purchase all 4 books as well as autographed copies with a personal message from Amma, the Golden Elohim, and Amiya if you purchase from this link. If you're in the contiguous US, I'll pick up shipping.

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