Change Your Life with Deep Soothing Healing of Your Most Tender Part... Your Inner Child

End the Negative Influences Your Childhood Wounds Have on You!

Childhood wounds cause you to react or hide...

  • Attracting people who hurt...
  • Boundaries so strong love stays out...
  • Boundaries too weak for discernment...
  • Overreacting to hurts...
  • Lack of trust in yourself...

How the Inner Child Is Injured

Don't minimize your pain. Two people can respond differently to similar injuries.

Not being wanted

Your mom's first response to discovering she was pregnant can influence how you feel about yourself.

Abandonment feelings

Being taken away from your mother after birth and kept in a nursery is often the beginning of abandonment issues.

Loss of one or both parents

Loss of a parent when a child, whether it was by death or separation, can instill feelings of rejection.

Feeling Unsafe in the world

When you grow up in a violent home, you have no safe place. You're defensive when people disagree, waiting for someone to strike out at you.

Physical, Sexual and Emotional Trauma

Trauma, whether it is a one-time event or on-going, causes changes in the brain leading to PTSD or reactive behavior.

Bullying by parents, adults, siblings, or children

Bullying is on-going trauma. It saps self-esteem, freezes you in the fight-flight mode, and can result in feelings of powerlessness.

Feelings of rejection

Feelings of rejection can begin in the womb and be affirmed through events in life. One of both parents can reject who you believe you are.Then friends, boy & girlfriends can further enforce that feeling

You against the world

When you feel isolated from everyone, this extends to your connection with God or Spirit. You're alone in facing the problems of the world. The feelings of isolation can lead to depression, anxiety and more.

Your Wounded Inner Child Can React in Fear...

... And throw a tantrum... or run as far away as possible...
Consider how a child reacts when s/he doesn't get what s/he wants or is afraid. S/he might retreat within herself, run away screaming or start throwing things. As an adult, when your Inner Child acts out fear or anger, the result can be disastrous for your relationships, finances, and sense of well-being.
  • > Run away from relationships
  • > Run to unhealthy relationships
  • > Engage in addictive behavior
  • > Suffer from depression and anxiety
  • > Not take care of yourself
  • > Rage when things don't go your way
  • > Not protect yourself from abusive relationships
  • > Be afraid to take risks and have a better life
  • > Physically hurt yourself

The Fear, Insecurity and Anger Held within Your Inner Child Can Lead to Health Issues

Find Greater Peace and Joy

When your Inner Child is happy, life is more fun and easier
  • Decreased fear you'll be hurt
  • Greater openness to relationships
  • Willing to take more risks
  • Excited about life
  • Remove yourself from abusive relationships

These are our Healing Dates. Put them on Your Calendar.

  • Encodement Intensive March 10 (Saturday 9 AM Pacific/ 10 AM Eastern)
  • Abandonment Issues March 14 (Wednesday 9 AM Pacific/ Noon Eastern)
  • Not Belonging March 17 (Saturday 9 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern
  • Safety March 21 (Wednesday 9 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern)
  • Not Good Enough March 24 (Saturday 9 AM/Noon Pacific

You Have Choices!

One Session Encodement Intensive

  • Repair and Heal your Encodements, your smallest energy structures
  • Work with your Healing Team and other members of your Spiritual Support Team
  • Clear wounds you brought in with you from other lifetimes
  • Remove congested energy interfering with your joy and happiness
  • Remove generational wounds such as abandonment and abuse
  • Clear energies from your Monadic and Soul Family
  • ... and much, much more

Five Session Deep Healing Workshop

  • Encodement Intensive, Soul Healing, Body Talk & more...
  • Balancing Abandonment Issue ...
  • ... so you're more comfortable in relationships
  • Balancing Sense of Not Belonging...
  • ... so you're more comfortable wherever you are
  • Resolving Lack of Safety...
  • ... so you don't have to keep looking over your shoulder
  • Balancing Feeling Not Good Enough...
  • ... so you know you can handle any situation

You may choose just the Encodement Intensive
or the Entire Workshop

The Encodement Intensive alone will do a deep balancing of Inner Child issues. We'll work in the following areas:
  • All aspects of your energy field
  • Past Lives
  • Future Lives
  • Parallel Lives
  • Issues from your Monad
  • Inter-dimensional Influences
  • ...And More
The Encodement Intensive sets the stage for the next four session. In those sessions we go deeper into specific issues which are common to those with inner child wounds... wish is most of us, if not all of us.

Let's look at the next four sessions more in depth.

Abandonment Issues

Abandonment issues can begin as soon as your mom knew she was pregnant with you. They could begin soon after you were born if you were put in a nursery separate from her. Or they cold begin with another loss in childhood or later.

When you're concerned about abandonment, you set yourself for relationship problems. The extremes are completely avoiding relationships so you won't be hurt to clinging to relationships well beyond the time to let them go.

In this workshop, we'll use several healing modalities to search for and balance sources of abandonment which may be affecting you in ways you don't know.

Not Good Enough

Any number of life events can have you feeling not good enough. You may not of been the favored child in your family. School may have been a struggle. Adapting to change could be difficult. A potential romantic partner chose someone else over you.

When you don't feel good enough, you have difficulty taking risks... or you take too many risks to prove you're better. You may feel slighted when the other person had no intention of doing so.

In this workshop we will address the feeling of not being good enough from different angles. We'll look at family, school, friendships, and other relationships.

Not Belonging

Do you ever feel like you don't belong? Have you felt that most of your life? Some people don't feel they belong in theri family. They wonder if there was really a stork which dropped them in the wrong family.

When you feel like an alien wherever you are, it's difficult to relax and do your best. You're often on guard, trying to figure out what is happening and how you can fit in.

We'll continue using several healing modalities to discover the source of your not feeling like you belong. It could be that you haven't found your "people" yet, your group. We'll balance your energy and beliefs to assist you in finding where you belong.

Feeling Unsafe

There are two kinds of feeling unsafe. The most crucial is feeling safe in the world. Those of you who have been victims of trauma, especially in your own homes, may not feel safe in the world. When you're a child, the safest place was supposed to be your home. When home is your world and that isn't safe, the tendency is to generalize the lack of safety to the world.

The other area is feeling safe in relationships and places you live and work. This is more specific than generally feeling safe in the world. When you've ended a tumultuous relationship, you may feel safe everywhere but in relationships. Same for work.

We'll us the same healing tools we used in the other sessions to balance feeling unsafe in the world or more specific areas.

Choose Your Healing Session Now

Encodement Intensive


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Inner Child Workshop


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4 Additional Healing Sessions

Read What Others Have Experienced Using Encodements

I have been drawn to Encodement work for several years now because it is so empowering for me. I can take responsibility for everything I create in my life and endeavor to heal it with the assistance of my Encodement Technicians/Team. Divine Mother Amma is such an important part of this process, and I am so grateful!
Cleo M

New Jersey USA

I am more calm and centered nowadays than I have ever been to myself and others. When I do get triggered,  I understand that some part of myself is asking for my attention,  and to be healed, and I will often,  if not always,  reach out to my Soul Healing Angels. I know for a fact that I would have been painfully anxious about the state of the world as it is today with the pandemic and political turmoil as well as the health issues of any number of loved ones but I am much more able to remain reassured that I am, as you so often remind us, loved, and that is no small thing!


Pittsburg PA

Encodements have been an integral part of my life for a number of years now. Specifically – the year we lost our Son – they were there to help me through my grieving process. They are part of who I am and I feel stronger and more centered knowing they are there for me.
Annie B

Ontario Canada

For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been taking Dr. Cathy’s Encodement Intensives. I have experienced a variety of healing methods over the past 26 years and want to express my appreciation for the Encodement work she does. It is an easy and effective method of letting go of erroneous beliefs and emotions that block our healing of self as well as our Spiritual evolution. Dr. Cathy is one of the clearest channels of Spiritual healing energy that I know and has a passion for making it available and affordable to everyone who is searching for their True Self within.
Kate B

Ontairo Canada

Who am I and how did I discover Encodements?

People ask me how I went from being a Catholic Sister to someone working in the New Age arena. To make a long story short, it all began with the Catholic Charismatic movement, moved into energy healing and then progressed to the work I now do in the New Age field.

Most people wouldn’t know it, but the Charismatic movement and the New Age Movement have some strong similarities, two of which are healing and prophecy (channeling as it is called in the New Age realm). When I began to learn energy healing, I discovered an amazing world which challenged me and led to tremendous growth. This also led me out of the convent.

There is a book or two in those last two paragraphs.

After a fascinating automobile accident (if an accident can be fascinating), something happened to me. No, I didn’t have a near death experience. I didn’t even go to the hospital. Chiropractic adjustments took care of my physical body. I did, however, begin to have some deep spiritual experiences. One of those was feeling an energy coming through me and wanting to speak.

This experience of a spiritual being wanting to come through me wasn’t new. I had the same feelings when I was in the Charismatic movement when I was praying in tongues. I just opened my mouth and words came out

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers and I am your mother.” From that point a beautiful relationship developed with the feminine aspect of God.

In the course of her messages to me, she talked about the Energy structures known as Encodements. Over time, through her direction and by sharing them with others, I discovered how powerful adjusting Encodements were.

From these messages about Encodements sprang the Encodement Intensives. I had only planned to have one, but those attending asked for more. And that’s what you have the opportunity to experience now, a group Encodement Intensive.

If you’d like some “factual” information about me… I was a licensed Social Worker for 35+ years working with people, literally, from cradle to grave. I have a Bachelors, Masters and PhD in psychology. The PhD is in Mind-Body Psychology with an emphasis in energy healing and hypnotherapy. I also have a Master’s in Theology from Notre Dame (the only degree from a school well-known).

I live mostly in Sedona AZ yet travel around. I have two fur-children, Frick and Frack.

And, most importantly, I love to do this work and invite you to join us.

Dr Cathy Chapman

I’m Dr Cathy Chapman, former Catholic Sister of 20 years and now a spiritual seeker in the metaphysical or New Age area.


Here's how to access and make use of this wonderful Encodement Intensive

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If the Intensive has been held, you'll receive the log-in information to access the recordings and transcripts.

Will I be on video?

For the live call, we will be using the website known as zoom. You can join on the web. If you have a camera on your computer or phone, everyone can see you unless you turn your camera off. 

Is there an app for my phone for the live call?

Sure is. Just go to where you download your apps and search for "Zoom."

What if I can't join you live?

You'll have access to the transcripts (word and pdf) as well as audio and video recordings. It's as close as you can get to feeling your with us without being on the live call.

Does the healing occur when I'm not on the live call?

You bet it does. Just follow along with the call, and you'll receive the same healing.

Do I need to listen more than once?

Healing occurs in layers. The more often you listen, the more layers are removed. So, yes, please listen more than once.

What if I fall asleep when I'm listening?

Healing still occurs. Your Healing Team is in charge. They will follow along with us. You can always listen to the recording or read the transcript if you want to be sure you received everything.

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