Are You Ready to Balance Your Body and Facilitate Healing

Every system in your body (cardio, skeletal, respiratory, etc) affects each other. In this workshop, you'll receive balancing for various systems in your body. This  brings your whole self, physical, emotional and mental, to feeling better and more connected.

Balancing Body Systems to Facilitate Healing

The importance of the Body-Mind connection is becoming more well-known in traditional medical circles. As technology improves, researcher are able to measure the effects of emotional pain on the immune system and the functioning of the brain.

Although the effect of changing Encodements has not been studied scientifically, people have reported changes from quickly moving teeth while in braces, to relief of physical and emotional pain, to feeling happier and healthier in their daily lives.

You will work with your Healing Team to balance your Encodement system to support your body in health and vitality.

We address....

  • Overall health and well-being
  • Familial Influences
  • Chronic problems
  • The various systems of your body
  • Body Shape and Strength: weight, exercise, relationship to food
  • Body Image
  • General Beliefs about your body and health

When your body is out of balance...

When your body is out of balance it has difficulty healing. When in balance your body has an ability to put everything together and heal. For your body to be in balance all your bodily systems need to be in balance. And what are those systems? (Notice that it’s near impossible to talk about just one system without bringing in another system.)

  • The Cardio-vascular System consists of your heart, blood vessels, arteries and capillaries. For this system to work well, not only does your heart have to be pumping blood, it also has to be collecting oxygen from your lungs. In addition, the nerves related to the heart have to be working. It all needs to be in balance.
  • The Respiratory System consists of the lungs and trachea, all those things you need to pull in air, extract oxygen, and release waste material. The oxygen moves into the blood stream. The nervous system is also involved in this process. Did you know the muscles in your chest contribute to the working of the respiratory system? If you don’t breathe deeply then the muscles between your ribs can become frozen. The result is not being able to get enough oxygen.
  • The Nervous System consists of the brain, spinal cord (which is actually a part of the brain) and all your nerves. Your brain not only sends electrical impulses throughout your body, it also manufactures it’s own chemicals called neuro-transmitters. Those neuro-transmitters affect every part of your life and that includes depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.
  • The Digestive System is almost one long tube from your mouth to your anus. Your nervous system keeps everything moving. There are hormones (insulin) which assist in sugar metabolism. Your liver and gallbladder add their own products to digest fats and proteins. Your circulatory system spreads those wonderful nutrients throughout your body.
  • The Endocrine System is found throughout your body. These little glands product the chemicals (hormones) which affect every aspect of your body from digestion, to managing stress, to physical growth, to reproduction to bonding in relationship and more. Endocrine glands are found in your brain, your throat and your gut. Even your heart has been discovered to be an endocrine gland. If your nervous system isn’t working, your endocrine system will not work well. I think you get the idea of how the systems of your body are interconnected. Briefly, the other systems are:
  • The Urinary System consists of the kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra and all the process which filter the blood and asist you in excreting urine.
  • The Muscular-Skeletal System consists of your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. When this is out of balance you have aches and pains. Those who struggle with the disorder known as fibromyalgia have problems with the fascia, the nervous system (pain), sleep and more.
  • The Reproductive System also includes parts of the hormonal system. For men, if the circulatory system isn’t working well, there are problems with erections.
  • The Integumentary System (skin, hair, nails, the ability to sweat) holds us together, at least that’s how I like to think of it. If you’re old enough like I am, those age spots on your skin are due to a combination of sun, toxins still in your system and your diet and life style.
  • The Lymphatic System is crucial in a strong immune system. It removes from your body the waste material from you cells as well as fights infection.

I want to help you and your body go into balance

I want to assist you in bringing your body into balance by working with each of your systems. I’ll do this by focusing on one system at a time but, as you noticed, the systems all interact with each other. It’s impossible for a part of a system to not affect every part of your overall system… your body. My usual fee for a 30 minute individual session is $85. If we worked with all 10 systems that would be a total of $850 if they were half hour sessions.All but one of sessions is at least an hour with a few being 90 minutes. That would, at least double the price to $1700. To make this affordable, I balanced your systems through group healing sessions. Those of you who have participated in the Group Encodement Intensives know the power of group healing. I connect with the energy of the group from my heart to your heart. Using both intention and muscle testing, I begin the balancing process. I used the following modalities:

  • Encodementments
  • BodyTalk
  • Intuitive healing, which means hold onto your seat because we don’t know where I’ll go.

Group Healing Sessions such as Encodement Intensives are $47 each. That means the charge for the group balancing of these systems would be $470. Because I want you to have the the opportunity to bring balance to your body and to heal, I have a special offer for youAll 10 group session for $370. That’s a savings of $100.

Read What Others Have Experienced Using Encodements

I have been drawn to Encodement work for several years now because it is so empowering for me. I can take responsibility for everything I create in my life and endeavor to heal it with the assistance of my Encodement Technicians/Team. Divine Mother Amma is such an important part of this process, and I am so grateful!
Cleo M

New Jersey USA

I am more calm and centered nowadays than I have ever been to myself and others. When I do get triggered,  I understand that some part of myself is asking for my attention,  and to be healed, and I will often,  if not always,  reach out to my Soul Healing Angels. I know for a fact that I would have been painfully anxious about the state of the world as it is today with the pandemic and political turmoil as well as the health issues of any number of loved ones but I am much more able to remain reassured that I am, as you so often remind us, loved, and that is no small thing!


Pittsburg PA

Encodements have been an integral part of my life for a number of years now. Specifically – the year we lost our Son – they were there to help me through my grieving process. They are part of who I am and I feel stronger and more centered knowing they are there for me.
Annie B

Ontario Canada

For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been taking Dr. Cathy’s Encodement Intensives. I have experienced a variety of healing methods over the past 26 years and want to express my appreciation for the Encodement work she does. It is an easy and effective method of letting go of erroneous beliefs and emotions that block our healing of self as well as our Spiritual evolution. Dr. Cathy is one of the clearest channels of Spiritual healing energy that I know and has a passion for making it available and affordable to everyone who is searching for their True Self within.
Kate B

Ontairo Canada

Who am I and how did I discover Encodements?

People ask me how I went from being a Catholic Sister to someone working in the New Age arena. To make a long story short, it all began with the Catholic Charismatic movement, moved into energy healing and then progressed to the work I now do in the New Age field.

Most people wouldn’t know it, but the Charismatic movement and the New Age Movement have some strong similarities, two of which are healing and prophecy (channeling as it is called in the New Age realm). When I began to learn energy healing, I discovered an amazing world which challenged me and led to tremendous growth. This also led me out of the convent.

There is a book or two in those last two paragraphs.

After a fascinating automobile accident (if an accident can be fascinating), something happened to me. No, I didn’t have a near death experience. I didn’t even go to the hospital. Chiropractic adjustments took care of my physical body. I did, however, begin to have some deep spiritual experiences. One of those was feeling an energy coming through me and wanting to speak.

This experience of a spiritual being wanting to come through me wasn’t new. I had the same feelings when I was in the Charismatic movement when I was praying in tongues. I just opened my mouth and words came out

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers and I am your mother.” From that point a beautiful relationship developed with the feminine aspect of God.

In the course of her messages to me, she talked about the Energy structures known as Encodements. Over time, through her direction and by sharing them with others, I discovered how powerful adjusting Encodements were.

From these messages about Encodements sprang the Encodement Intensives. I had only planned to have one, but those attending asked for more. And that’s what you have the opportunity to experience now, a group Encodement Intensive.

If you’d like some “factual” information about me… I was a licensed Social Worker for 35+ years working with people, literally, from cradle to grave. I have a Bachelors, Masters and PhD in psychology. The PhD is in Mind-Body Psychology with an emphasis in energy healing and hypnotherapy. I also have a Master’s in Theology from Notre Dame (the only degree from a school well-known).

I live mostly in Sedona AZ yet travel around. I have two fur-children, Frick and Frack.

And, most importantly, I love to do this work and invite you to join us.

Dr Cathy Chapman

I’m Dr Cathy Chapman, former Catholic Sister of 20 years and now a spiritual seeker in the metaphysical or New Age area.


Here's how to access and make use of this amazing workshop.

Look in your inbox for the log-in information.

You'll receive the log-in information to access the recordings and transcripts in your email. Be sure and check all the recordings.

Does the healing occur when I'm not on the live call?

You bet it does. Just follow along with the call, and you'll receive the same healing.

Do I need to listen more than once?

Healing occurs in layers. The more often you listen, the more layers are removed. So, yes, please listen more than once.

What if I fall asleep when I'm listening?

Healing still occurs. Your Healing Team is in charge. They will follow along with us. You can always listen to the recording or read the transcript if you want to be sure you received everything.

What you will receive:

  • 10 group healing sessions
  • 10 recordings (audio and video)
  • 10 transcripts

Did you know healing occurs in layers... and those layers interact with each other?

ealing occurs in layers because wounding occurs in layers. Let’s say someone kicks you in the shin.  OUCH Here are the layers:

  1. Physical pain… no explanation needed there.
  2. Mental pain… shock, disbelief, wondering why
  3. Emotional… anger, fear, sadness, depression, anxiety can all develop after the event.
  4. Spiritual… loss of safety
  5. Energetic… holes in aura or other parts of the energy field

The more serious the wound, the more complicated the interactions of the various parts of yourself: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. An emotional wound such as a betrayal can result in a physical illness. To heal all aspects of a wound, you need to address healing on all levels. Healing on one level will result in shifts in other areas of your life. That’s why you can listen to these healing sessions as many times as you want and need.

Distance Healing Is Prayer: It Extends over Time and Space

Believe me, when I first heard about distance healing and how it worked no matter where the person was… and would produce healing even if the person read or experienced it later… I was skeptical. Then I remembered what Sr. Teresa Ann said in 4th grade. There is no time or distance with prayer. God  handles it all. So, you know what I did at the age of 10? I prayed for George Washington as he and his troops were crossing the Delaware back on December 25. 1776. I know that group distance healing works because:

  1. People have shared with me their experiences. (My sinuses are much improved. — Diana L)
  2. I’ve experienced it myself.

I listened to a video last week which was recorded a couple of months earlier. I experienced profound changes on an emotional level. The sessions area all recorded for you. You don’t have to wait for me to do all the sessions. You can go through the list of 10 and pick and choose which ones you want to listen to and when you want to listen. The more you listen the deeper your experiences. Are you ready? Your time is NOW. Please click the buy button below to receive this $470 value for $297.

This purchase is for your personal use only. You do not have the legal right to resell this course to anyone in any form

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