Clearing the Lesser Known Energy Structures

This Encodement Intensive will clear, balance and harmonize your Hara Line, Core Star, Soul Star, and Earth Star to the New Energy, Crystalline DNA and their chakra and auric system.

The Encodement Intensive will balance the following:

Your Hara Line, which contains your Encodement System, will enable you to feel more grounded and connected to this life.

By clearing, healing and blancing the energies around your Soul Star you will be better able to connect with your Soul Self and the wisdom gained from your lifetimes.

Working with your Core Star will have you feeling more connected to who you truly are and your life purpose.

By clearing the energy of your Earth Star you will be more connected to the Earth's energy and wisdom and all who live upon her and within her.

Encodements Your Smallest Energy Structures!

You have heard of chakras and the aura. You are probably familiar with the meridians and acupuncture. Do you know about your smallest energy structures and how you can easily change them?

Your Encodements map out your life

Before you incarnated you planned your life. You decided who and what you'd be attracted to and what would repel you. You decided what you wanted to explore in this lifetime.

But how was all this to happen?

This is where your Encodements come in. They are your smallest energy structures. They are designed in such a way that energy is sent out to activate everything you wanted to experience in this life.

Everything is planned from the relationships you'll have to your life passions. Your Encodements make it all happen.

Encodements can be damaged

Just as any part of you, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic can be damaged, so can your Encodements. Sometimes the damage is extensive and other times there is an alteration. Consider when you drop a clock. It can be broken apart or the numbers may have simply shifted. You may not always be able to fix your clock, but you can word with your Encodement Technicians and repair your Encodements. You may also ask for new Encodements to be placed within you.

You're Healing Team Works with You

You have an amazing support team of spiritual beings who work with you in all areas of your life. One group is specifically available for your healing.

The Healing Team Amma begins with consists of Encodement Technicians, Soul Healing Angels and then others you call in.

Your Encodement Technicians work with your Artificial and Natural Encodements to bring you into better balance. Your Soul Healing Angels are there to heal wounds of the past which are causing problems. The result is both energetic and spiritual healing.

Life will flow smoother. Events of the past which caused pain are lessened or eliminated. You have more focus in your life.

How Encodement Intensives Work

When doing Encodement Intensives I begin my preparation before the actual event. I connect with Amma the Divine Mother and make an outline of what we will do.

Your Encodement System is a system. This means that any changes in one part of it affect every other part.

We will work with the Encodements of your DNA, chakras, aura, meridians and many other aspects of yourself. We often work inter-dimensionally, with past and future lives, across the generations and more.

All you need to do is be open to the healing work of your Healing Team. They will do what is needed and, in fact, do so much more than I direct them to do. After the session you will receive an audio, video and transcript of the session. You will also receive a handout which contains the outline I used for the session.

That’s Amazingl… But What Else Can Encodement Intensives Do? 

Encodement Intensives as well as individual Encodement work can have an impact on every area of your life.


Strengthen the all aspects of the body including the immune system as well as remove generational influences.


Balance and heal wounds of the past which are blocking your growth and expansion. Can also removed thought forms trapped in the body.


Balance and remove energies affecting your thought processes, beliefs and behavioral patterns.


Balances energies affecting your intuition, spiritual relationships, relationships with others and your relationship with yourself.

Encodement Intensives Helps You in All Areas of Your Life!

Every part of your life has a cause and effect on every other part of your life.

Let's look at how that happens.

Connections with the Physical

When your physical self isn't feeling well, every other aspect of you is challenged and stressed. When you're hurting and not well the common reaction is to be irritable, short-tempered and stressed. This will affect how you feel about yourself as well as your relationships with others.

When working with Encodements you are able to change, heal, release energies which are having a negative impact upon your body. It's not unusual for feelings to be trapped in your body causing the aches an pains to be more severe. Working with your Encodements can result in greater health and a greater sense of well-being. You are also able to remove debilitating familial energies and patterns negatively affecting your health.

Connections with Emotional

Your emotions are part of you being human. There is nothing like experiencing the fullness of Joy. By working with your Encodements you will be able to remove painful energies trapped within your body. As you free yourself from the chains of the past you will find yourself being open to experiencing life in all its fullness. You will also be able to form boundaries between you and others so that you do not take on the emotions of others. This will allow you to respond from your heart to life, love and deep possibilities.

Connections with the Mentall

Research is affirming the power of the mind-body connection. What you think will produce feelings. Those feelings will trigger the development of hormones and neurotransmitters which will affect mood.

With Encodement work you can change the energies from continually replaying the past to the energies of letting go of all you no longer need. Working with your Healing Team, which includes Encodement Technicians and Soul Healing Angels, will heal the wounds and repair the Encodements which keep playing in your brain and in your energy. You will also be able to change beliefs which have been instigating self-sabotage.

Connections with Spiritual

Your spiritual connection begins with you knowing you are Love Incarnate. You are the manifestation of the Love which created All.

When you clear that which has convinced you that you are "less than," you are able to connect with openness and joy to all of Creation. This enables you to connect deeply to Spirit in all Her manifestations.

Coming to know that spirituality moves beyond religion to deep relationship and communication with the Source of All frees you to be who you truly are. You are Joy. You are Love. You are Love Incarnate.

Your Encodement Intensive Will Be Recorded and Transcribed

No worries if you can't attend in person. The call is recorded and transcribed. You will have access to the video, audio and transcription. Download them and use them again and again.

Healing and balancing occurs in layers. The more often you listen to the call or read the transcription, the deeper will be your healing. As you grow and expand you will be open to greater and deeper healing. Allow the layers to be removed. Listen again and again. Use the information to learn how to clear your Encodement System yourself.

Have deeper and more intimate relationships with yourself and others. Discover the Joy which is within you. Become healthier in mind, body and spirit.

Read What Others Have Experienced Using Encodements

I have been drawn to Encodement work for several years now because it is so empowering for me. I can take responsibility for everything I create in my life and endeavor to heal it with the assistance of my Encodement Technicians/Team. Divine Mother Amma is such an important part of this process, and I am so grateful!
Cleo M

New Jersey USA

I am more calm and centered nowadays than I have ever been to myself and others. When I do get triggered,  I understand that some part of myself is asking for my attention,  and to be healed, and I will often,  if not always,  reach out to my Soul Healing Angels. I know for a fact that I would have been painfully anxious about the state of the world as it is today with the pandemic and political turmoil as well as the health issues of any number of loved ones but I am much more able to remain reassured that I am, as you so often remind us, loved, and that is no small thing!


Pittsburg PA

Encodements have been an integral part of my life for a number of years now. Specifically – the year we lost our Son – they were there to help me through my grieving process. They are part of who I am and I feel stronger and more centered knowing they are there for me.
Annie B

Ontario Canada

For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been taking Dr. Cathy’s Encodement Intensives. I have experienced a variety of healing methods over the past 26 years and want to express my appreciation for the Encodement work she does. It is an easy and effective method of letting go of erroneous beliefs and emotions that block our healing of self as well as our Spiritual evolution. Dr. Cathy is one of the clearest channels of Spiritual healing energy that I know and has a passion for making it available and affordable to everyone who is searching for their True Self within.
Kate B

Ontairo Canada

Who am I and how did I discover Encodements?

People ask me how I went from being a Catholic Sister to someone working in the New Age arena. To make a long story short, it all began with the Catholic Charismatic movement, moved into energy healing and then progressed to the work I now do in the New Age field.

Most people wouldn’t know it, but the Charismatic movement and the New Age Movement have some strong similarities, two of which are healing and prophecy (channeling as it is called in the New Age realm). When I began to learn energy healing, I discovered an amazing world which challenged me and led to tremendous growth. This also led me out of the convent.

There is a book or two in those last two paragraphs.

After a fascinating automobile accident (if an accident can be fascinating), something happened to me. No, I didn’t have a near death experience. I didn’t even go to the hospital. Chiropractic adjustments took care of my physical body. I did, however, begin to have some deep spiritual experiences. One of those was feeling an energy coming through me and wanting to speak.

This experience of a spiritual being wanting to come through me wasn’t new. I had the same feelings when I was in the Charismatic movement when I was praying in tongues. I just opened my mouth and words came out

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers and I am your mother.” From that point a beautiful relationship developed with the feminine aspect of God.

In the course of her messages to me, she talked about the Energy structures known as Encodements. Over time, through her direction and by sharing them with others, I discovered how powerful adjusting Encodements were.

From these messages about Encodements sprang the Encodement Intensives. I had only planned to have one, but those attending asked for more. And that’s what you have the opportunity to experience now, a group Encodement Intensive.

If you’d like some “factual” information about me… I was a licensed Social Worker for 35+ years working with people, literally, from cradle to grave. I have a Bachelors, Masters and PhD in psychology. The PhD is in Mind-Body Psychology with an emphasis in energy healing and hypnotherapy. I also have a Master’s in Theology from Notre Dame (the only degree from a school well-known).

I live mostly in Sedona AZ yet travel around. I have two fur-children, Frick and Frack.

And, most importantly, I love to do this work and invite you to join us.

Dr Cathy Chapman
I’m Dr Cathy Chapman, former Catholic Sister of 20 years and now a spiritual seeker in the metaphysical or New Age area.


Here's how to access and make use of this wonderful Encodement Intensive

Look in your inbox for the log-in information.

If the workshop hasn't been held yet, you'll receive all you need to join the Encodement Intensive through the Web or by phone.

If the Intensive has been held, you'll receive the log-in information to access the recordings and transcripts.

Will I be on video?

For the live call, we will be using the website known as zoom. You can join on the web. If you have a camera on your computer or phone, everyone can see you unless you turn your camera off. 

Is there an app for my phone for the live call?

Sure is. Just go to where you download your apps and search for "Zoom."

What if I can't join you live?

You'll have access to the transcripts (word and pdf) as well as audio and video recordings. It's as close as you can get to feeling your with us without being on the live call.

Does the healing occur when I'm not on the live call?

You bet it does. Just follow along with the call, and you'll receive the same healing.

Do I need to listen more than once?

Healing occurs in layers. The more often you listen, the more layers are removed. So, yes, please listen more than once.

What if I fall asleep when I'm listening?

Healing still occurs. Your Healing Team is in charge. They will follow along with us. You can always listen to the recording or read the transcript if you want to be sure you received everything.

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