The Power of Blessing

The Power of Blessing

Those of us raised in a religion were taught to bless our food before we ate. Most religions have their own particular blessing to say before a meal. My family would say grace before meals and we would do so in the convent. As I learned more about the effects of energy I continued to bless my food, but in a different way.

Does blessings food really do anything in particular? If so, is there some way to see, sense or feel the difference between blessed and unblessed food?

To answer this question I want to share something that happened this past weekend. I was in the Hill Country of Texas with a couple of friends. We are all energy workers. In fact, we met each other through our Healing Touch classes.
Noemi and I had brought with us some essential oils. I was working on a message from Amma, a divine entity that I channel. She was talking about the importance of blessings EVERYTHING. The idea came to me to bless the essential oils that I had with me. First I smelled the oil, then blessed the oil and then smelled it again. We did that for all four oils I had with me. Since there were three of us we used three noses to test the difference.

After the blessings all of the oils smelled different! Some were sweeter, others stronger. We were delighted. My oils were in opaque bottles. Noemi had some oils in clear bottles. After we blessed her oils the effect was the same. Some oils smelled sweeter and some stronger. What was even more amazing was that the color of the oils changed to a darker, richer color. (Remember, hers were in clear bottles.)

We experimented with how to do the blessing. Once I said a prayer giving thanks for the oils and asking for a blessings upon them. The other times I held them in my hands and loved them. I sent them energy from my heart. I could actually feel the molecules of the oil turn and look at me. (In the Melchizedek Method we do an exercise in Level 3 where we get in touch with the consciousness of all matter.) After I felt all molecules ?looking? at me, I smelled the oil. What a difference!

My suggestion to you is to bless your food, water, drinks, clothes, home...everything. Be aware of the consciousness in all things. Watch and feel what happens.

If this is what happens with inanimate objects, what would happen with people? Perhaps this is the way we can bring peace to our planet. Give blessings rather than curses.

by Cathy Chapman, PhD -

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