Exploring Distance Healing

Exploring Distance Healing

I’ve been reading in the area of quantum physics. I am not a physicist and have no idea how to do the math. I read the results and implications of what others have studied. Lately I’ve been reading "The Field" by Lynne McTaggert, a journalist who has interviewed, read and distilled information.

As I was reading this morning (4:30 in fact, since the dog wanted to go out and I didn’t want to clean it up...) I was able to "see" on a deeper level how quantum physics applies to my field of mind/body psychology and energy healing. Quantum physics gives the science behind why energy healing and distance healing is possible.

Somehow we are all connected. You can call it consciousness. You can call it God. You can call it The Field. From or within this connection we can touch each other.

Do your own personal experiment. Bring to mind someone you know and care about deeply. You feel the connection, don’t you? You may think, "Yes, but I know and love them."

Well, bring to mind someone you know but don’t like. What do you notice? Are you able to "touch" that person, also? You might still say, "Yes, but I know that person." OK, bring to mind the mayor of Houston, Texas. You don’t even have to know his name. See if you notice any type of connection. (His name is Bill White.)

How does this apply to my work?

When you choose to have a telephone session with me, you may ask me to scan your body and tell you what I "see."

During a telephone session I was scanning someone I’ve worked with many times. I noticed her liver was different. A pastel green color surrounded it. A few weeks before the color was rather gray with not much energy. She then told me, "I’ve quit drinking coffee." Next I asked her if something was going on with her right knee. The energy just wasn’t moving freely. Turns out she had just begun an exercise program and her knees were stiff.

Try this on yourself. Simply focus on various parts of your body and "feel"or "see" it. Notice the difference between organs, or one knee and the other. You can even ask questions such as "Why are you hurting?" "What can I do to assist you?" The information you receive can assist you in healing.

Let me give you an example of distance healing. I have this crazy brother-in-law who runs marathons. (Marathon running is his only area of psychosis. He has been teaching for the past 5 or 6 years after being in engineering sales for 30+ years. He was even named "Teacher of the Year" in his field!)

Don is 61 years old and runs numerous marathons a year. He has not only run those "little" marathons you see in the Olympics, he has run and completed two 50 milers.

Last week he took on an even bigger challenge. He entered a 100 mile marathon. Are you impressed? He is now analyzing why his body wasn’t able to finish the marathon. It gave out after "only" 73 miles. He now realizes he didn’t train appropriately and is tinkering with his running schedule. I’m sure this means he is going to run and complete his next 100 miler.

I was very concerned about his challenging his body that much. Without telling him, I did distance healing on him using The Body Talk System (www.bodytalksystem.com). (I knew this was appropriate because I had done Body Talk on him a number of times "in person.")

I did a total of 3 sessions with the first two not knowing where he was in the race. (He was already out of the race when I did the second session.) My sister tells me that when they got home he was exclaiming that his body didn’t feel like it had just run 73 miles.

She then played the phone message I had left about doing "distance" Body Talk on him. He gave her 2 thumbs up.

Distance healing works.

You really ought to try it for a month. Go to www. DistanceGroupHealing.com . You'll have a month of powerful healing.

by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D. - February 2006

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