Articles of Interest

I like to write. For some time I've been working on short pithy articles that give information and stimulate thought.

As I was adding the articles to the WEB site, I realized the number could be overwhelming. I've put them in loose categories to make it easier to find what you want.

  • Exploring Distance Healing

    I’ve been reading in the area of quantum physics. I am not a physicist and have no idea how to do the math. I read the results and implications of what others have studied. Lately I’ve been reading "The Field" by Lynne McTaggert, a journalist who has interviewed, read and distilled information. I'm discovering the physics behind the distance healing I do.
  • Take Two Minutes a Night and Heal
    Would you take 2 minutes every night for 30 days if you were told that you could be happier than ever before? Would you do it the rest of your life?
  • Forgiveness: The Key to Inner Peace
    People who come see me almost always have had a very difficult childhood. The issues run from being ignored, emotional abuse, "mild" physical abuse, physical abuse which has left physical scars 40 years later, to sexual abuse. As we work through the various issues, we eventually come to the need to let go and forgive.
  • The Power of Blessing
    Those of us raised in a religion were taught to bless our food before we ate. Most religions have their own particular blessing to say before a meal. My family would say grace before meals and we would do so in the convent. As I learned more about the effects of energy I continued to bless my food, but in a different way.
  • A Tool To Begin Anew
    Here we are, already in the middle of January. January’s calendar already has stuff listed throughout. Perhaps you were one of those who made New Year Resolutions and, for most of you who did, they are already forgotten.
  • The Lord's Prayer Translated from Aramaic
    When something is written in one language, it is written within the cultural context and beliefs of the individual. When those words are translated, the cultural context can, and is often, lost.
  • 911: Grief a Year Later
    With the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks upon us, our thoughts turn to those events. Each one of us can give an account of where we were when we heard of what happened and our reactions. Some of us lost loved ones or knew of someone who lost a loved one.
  • Happy Holy-days
    You have probably heard the myriad of comments about stores insisting on calling Christmas trees "holiday" trees and talking about holiday shopping rather than Christmas shopping. There is much anger going through the airways and in letters to the editor about this topic.
  • The Power of Choice
    Since I last wrote many months ago I have had numerous things happen in my life. Some wonderful, many pleasant, some unpleasant and others sad. I'm sure that is true for most of you. Each of the events in life involved choice.
  • Releasing Cellular Memory
    Have you ever had the experience where someone touches you in a particular place and an unrelated memory pops into mind? The image or feeling which presents itself is often called cellular memory.
  • Managing Emotions
    I have found that people understand the concept of managing thoughts better than the concept of managing emotions. I certainly had a difficult time with this idea that emotions could be managed. I thought they “just were.” In fact, isn’t that what we have been told for years, “Feelings (emotions) are neither good nor bad, they just are.”
  • Non-local Healing
    The concept of "non-local" healing is based upon quantum physics. "They" (the researchers in the field) have done many, many experiments that have shown that our connection with each other does not depend upon distance. It doesn’t even depend upon time.
  • Steps in Decision Making
    The more I work with people the more I notice that most doubt themselves. It doesn't matter how much they know, they don't trust the decisions they make.



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