Amiya on Trauma

Amiya continues The Encyclopedia of Healing with their book on Releasing Trauma. They will cover "ordinary" trauma as well as trauama labeled PTSD.

Be healed as you listen!

Amiya, a collective energy of beings known as Amma's Healing Friends, gives me information for the healing of the traumas of life.

Some will be the ordinary traumas which cause pain and wounds but can be more easily healed than severe trauma. Severe trauma, PTSD, result in changes within the brain and are much more complext to heal.

Every session includes information from Amiya or Amma. Almost always they include a healing experience.

You'll learn how to do it yourself as you learn and experience healing trauma.

There are several things which make trauma worse which are not addressed by most process

Trauma is more than what happened to you at that instant

A specific incident triggers earlier similar incidents.

 Let's say two things happened when you were a child which were really difficult. One was when your puppy ran away and the other was when your best friend moved away.

Years later, someone you loved died.

A loved one dying may not seem related to the loss of a puppy or best friend, but they are all about loss.

Your loved one dying can trigger the pain of loss still buried within you of when you were a child. 

Most therapists and other professionals who work with trauma are fully aware of this type of complicated loss.

Then there is generational trauma

Newer research is demonstrating that trauma can be passed down from generation to generation.

This means, if there is a history in your family of parents or children dying, your loss may trigger the energy of the loss of your 3rd great grand parent.

How about trauma from other lifetimes

 Not everyone believes in reincarnation. I do and I work with Amiya in healing the energy from other lifetimes. 

You may have brought in the energy of the loss of a loved one from another lifetime. Your current loss may have triggered these other losses.

The energy is there and needs to be released for you to heal. 


Types of Tauma


 The type of trauma most are familiar with is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). People with PTSD have a series of emotional symptoms as well as physiological affects.

Although PTSD can happen from one severe event, it is often the result of continual traumatic events such as war, physical and sexual abuse.

Complex Trauma

When someone experiences both past and current trauma, the result is what can be called complex trauma. The effects of trauma had imprinted upon the physiology and current trauma is still occuring.

This happens during war, growing up in a home filled with abuse, even continually witnessing trauma.

From the energetic perspective, the energy of the trauma is not only within the brain, but also within the cells.

"Regular" Trauma 

What I call regular trauma are the events in life which have a profound effect but do not have the same impact as those which cause PTSD. 

Two different people can be in a similar car crash. One will end of with PTSD and one will not. 

Some say that if the energy of the event passes through the body, there will be no PTSD. If the energy stays in the body, PTSD will develop.





Spiritual Support

A couple of years ago, Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, introduced me to a group of beings who work with healing on a high vibration.

Over the last couple of years, they've been teaching us amazing healing strategies.

In Encyclopedia of Healing: Conception to Birth they taught us about miasms (energy passed down from generation to generation) and held in the outer structure of the Double Helix of the DNA.

They taught us how to release these miasms as well energy connected to the egg and sperm which made you.

In The Encyclopedia of Healing: The Human Energy Field: Auras they told us that congested energy hid in the gaps between layers of the aura.

The last published book, The Encyclopedia of Healing: The Human Energy Field: Chakras, we learned how each chakra contains every other chakra and this affects you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Before the end of the 2019, I submitted the manuscript for the last of the books on the human energy field anatomy, The Encyclopedial of Healing: Hidden Energy Structures.

Now that we have the information on the energy anatomy, Amiya is giving information on how to heal many of the issues of life.  

The first of these books is the healing of trauma.


Your Channel

Hi, there. I'm Cathy Chapman.

I'm often asked how I went from being a Catholic Sister to someone working in the New Age arena. To make a long story short, it began with the Catholic Charismatic movement, moved into energy healing and then progressed to the work I now do in the New Age field.

Most people wouldn't know it, but the Charismatic movement and the New Age Movement have some strong similarities, two of which are healing and prophecy (channeling as it is called in the New Age realm). When I began to learn energy healing, I discovered an amazing world which challenged me and led to tremendous growth. This also led me out of the convent.

After a fascinating automobile accident in 2002 (if an accident can be fascinating), something happened to me. No, I didn't have a near death experience. I didn't even go to the hospital. I began to feel an energy coming through me and wanting to speak.

This being identified herself as Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. From that point a beautiful relationship developed with the feminine aspect of God.

I was a Social Worker for 35 + years working in the area of Mind-Body Psychology and energy based healing

My goal is to provide the world with the information needed for each person to do their own self-healing each day.

The more we are healed, the less we will wound others.

The less we wound others, the happier the world will be.

Amiya Presents Information

Usually, twice a week (Monday and Thursday morning) I bring Amiya in to share their information on releasing the effects of trauma. You may attend live or review the recordings and transcripts.

Receive Healing

As you listen, your Healing Team will be balancing your encodement system. They will be doing exactly what Amiya is sharing. Amiya almost always does healing during each session.

Published Book

When finished, this information will be gathered into The Encyclopedia of Healing: Releasing Trauma. Your participation assists in bringing in this information. Thank you.

You'll Receive

    Messages Monday and Thursdays
    Healing each session
    Audio and Video Recording
    Edited Transcripts
    Additional information which won't be in the book

Healing for Less

2 Messages per week $47 x 2 = $94
4 Weeks per month = 4 x $94 = $376 TOTAL

Total Value per month is $376

(Due to travel schedule there may be months in which you will have fewer messages. You'll always receive more than what you paid for.)

Monthly cost is $67


Our Students Love Us

"Transform your thinking with the power of the material in this book (The Encyclopedia of Healing). Your understanding of the Energy Field will be redefined. Your knowledge of Consciousness, the Body, Charkas and the Aura will expand beyond measure with a much deeper and more comprehensive awareness of each and their relationship to each other. A powerful tool to manifest healing for yourself or others.
Michele W

Houston TX

"Amiya’s books “From Conception to Birth” and “The Human Energy Field” is a must for Healers and those interested in healing themselves. They build on the basic foundation taught in the past and go into great depth which we are now ready to understand and use in our daily life. Opportunities are given throughout the book to use the techniques on ourselves for healing which is a great plus. Cathy Chapman is an exceptionally clear channel and I am most grateful to her for bringing this information forward at this time. "
Marianne C


"If one wants to change the energy on the planet in a good way, it will help to read these books by Amiya and the Elohim. You will learn fascinating information about the chakras and how to manage chakra energy. And most important you will learn how to live from your heart. "
Diane P


"I will always be thankful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Cathy Chapman and
connect spiritually to Amma and Amma’s “healing friends.” The prayer techniques have
bathed my energy system in Love and helped me feel better in body, mind, and soul.
Each experience has helped me stay grounded, speak my truth, and live a more joyful life.

God Bless Dr. Cathy."

Karen E

Fort Wright, KY

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