Amiya on Healing Relationships

Amiya continues The Encyclopedia of Healing by focusing on the healing of relationships

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Conception to Birth
Human Energy Field Aura
Human Energy Field Chakras
Hidden Structures
Trauma and PTSD

As you listen, healing happens!

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Your participation, your energy, assists me in bringing in the energy of Amiya, Amma's Healing Friends.

Your energy also contributes to the issues which come up during the channeling.

We will be working with 4 areas of relationship:

  • Relationship with self
  • Relationship with others
  • Relationship with the planet
  • Relationship with Source
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Relationship with the Planet

When you learn to care for and appreciate yourself, you learn to appreciate all which surrounds you. That includes this incredible planet of ours.

As you heal your relationship with yourself, you see the world through eyes of love.

When you focus on healing your relationship with the planet, your relationship with yourself and others is also healed.

Any healing in any area positively affects all areas of your life.

Relationship with God, Source, All That Is

Many will say that your relationship with God is your #1 relationship. My experience is it will become so as you heal.

I remember when I said that God was my primary relationship, but as I look back, it wasn't.

I was so caught in ego and being afraid to release and let go to God.

Fear of what I might be required to do by God, kept me to fully release my ego.

Know this, what you imagine would be the result is not the result.

The more you "forgive" God for not doing what you want, the more you are able to transform that ego which keeps you from trusting God.

Amiya will assist all of us in releasing those wounds and beliefs which keep we use to keep separate from God.

Relationship: The Center of Life

Even if you're a hermit you can't escape relationship. Relationship with yourself is the primary relationship in your life. It determines the ease with how you relate to everyone else, including God.

The healthier your relationships, the more fun and joy you'll have in life.  Life flows easier as you are able to handle the sometimes wild ups and downs of life.

Let's take a look at the four areas of relationship we'll cover.

 Relationship with Yourself

This is the relationship you can never get away from.

You can numb yourself with drugs, alcohol, food (my go-to), shopping, gambling, sex and pretty much anything you do to avoid feelings.

How you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself, spills over to every part of your life.

When you distance yourself from your feelings, you distance yourself from who you are. The result is distancing yourself from your other relationship, people, God, even the planet.

It's impossible to have a right relationship with anyone or anything if you don't have a healthy relationship with yourself.

Amiya, Amma's Healing Friends, will take us through many situations and show us how to heal them using the power of Soul Healing and Encodements.

 Relationship with Others

Your interactions with others can result in growth, pain, or be neutral. When pain is the result, you can heal that pain.

Healing will bring strength to yourself and future relationships. You'll have stronger relationship which lead to a happier and more loving life.

You'll learn to set boundaries which will assist you in keeping toxicity out of your life, and help you care for yourself.

All relationship issues begin in the womb. You begin your initial relationship with your mother. In addition, your genetic code develops within all cells. Genetic relationship issues begin there.

Next comes your family, or where you grow up. With your family you learn about trust and mistrust, and how to relate to others.

Expanding to the outside world gives you a larger realm in which to explore relationship, their joys and their difficulties.

As life goes on your grow and expand, and experience ups and down.


Who Is Amiya?

A few years ago, Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, introduced a group of beings who work with healing on a high vibration.

They've been teaching us amazing healing strategies.

In Encyclopedia of Healing: Conception to Birth they taught us about miasms (energy passed down from generation to generation) held in the outer structure of the Double Helix of the DNA.

We learned how to release these miasms as well as low vibration energy connected to the egg and sperm from which you were formed.

In The Encyclopedia of Healing: The Human Energy Field: Auras they told us that congested energy hid in the gaps between layers of the aura. Energy from relationships contribute to the congestion.

The Encyclopedia of Healing: The Human Energy Field: Chakras, teach us how each chakra contains every other chakra. Relationships affect each chakra and contribute energy to each which affects you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Encyclopedia of Healing: Hidden Energy Structures teaches us how to heal those energy structures we know little about. They, also, introduced structures which were previously unknown. One is the golden structure within your physical heart.

Now that we have the information on the energy anatomy, Amiya is giving information on how to heal many of the issues of life.  

The first of these books is The Encyclopedia of Healing: Trauma and PTSD-Resolve the Pain to Recover Your Life. All that Amiya has taught before is used to bring healing to the traumas in your life.

The last book before relationship is The Encyclopedia of Healing: Reclaim Your Sexuality. Everyone has wounds in the area of sexuality. As you can imagine, your sexuality plays a crucial part in relationships, romantic and otherwise.

Now is the time for the book on relationship, currently untitled. I invite you to be part of this book by adding your energy to the sessions. Even if you aren't able to be there live, I am able to be clearer and bring in a higher vibration of energy.



How This Works

You place you energy in the group by registering for the sessions, You are truly part of the group even if you aren't able to attend the sessions live. Remember, there is neither time nor space. Your intention, wherever you are, places your energy in the group.

When I invite Amiya to transmit her energy through me, your energy is also surrounding me.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. You would give me great support.

In exchange, where you need healing is placed within the group energy. Amiya will address your healing as well as the healing of others in the group.

Although all messages are recorded, we actually begin before the recording. We have formed a delightful community and welcome you into it. People share what is happening in their lives. They, we, support each other.

The messages themselves are recorded and transcribed. I do some editing and then Light Technology, the publisher, takes over. The book is then formed and fashioned.

You will have access to the recordings and the original transcripts.

Would you like to join?

Your Channel

Hi, there. I'm Cathy Chapman.

I've been channeling since the turn of the century.

Amma the Divine Mother is the primary energy who speaks through me. Well, perhaps that's no longer true.

With the Encyclopedia of Healing, Amiya, also known as Amma's Healing Friends, has been bringing great healing to all who attend the sessions and read the books.

I am blessed.

Amiya Presents Information

We gather on Mondays to bring in Amiya's message. You may attend live or review the recordings and transcripts.

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As Amiya presents the information your Healing Team balances your encodement system according to what they sharing. 

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Our Students Love Us

"Transform your thinking with the power of the material in this book (The Encyclopedia of Healing). Your understanding of the Energy Field will be redefined. Your knowledge of Consciousness, the Body, Charkas and the Aura will expand beyond measure with a much deeper and more comprehensive awareness of each and their relationship to each other. A powerful tool to manifest healing for yourself or others.
Michele W

Houston TX

"Amiya’s books “From Conception to Birth” and “The Human Energy Field” is a must for Healers and those interested in healing themselves. They build on the basic foundation taught in the past and go into great depth which we are now ready to understand and use in our daily life. Opportunities are given throughout the book to use the techniques on ourselves for healing which is a great plus. Cathy Chapman is an exceptionally clear channel and I am most grateful to her for bringing this information forward at this time. "
Marianne C


"If one wants to change the energy on the planet in a good way, it will help to read these books by Amiya and the Elohim. You will learn fascinating information about the chakras and how to manage chakra energy. And most important you will learn how to live from your heart. "
Diane P


"I will always be thankful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Cathy Chapman and
connect spiritually to Amma and Amma’s “healing friends.” The prayer techniques have
bathed my energy system in Love and helped me feel better in body, mind, and soul.
Each experience has helped me stay grounded, speak my truth, and live a more joyful life.

God Bless Dr. Cathy."

Karen E

Fort Wright, KY

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