Some of the Modalities I Use to Assist You
in Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness

We are all different.

As much as the developers of certain healing modalities would like to believe their technique works for everyone, I've found otherwise.

That's why I use several tools to assist you on your journey. Click on the highlighted link for a more detailed explanation of that healing modality. Notice which one you're attracted to. That may be the one which will work best for you.

Spiritual Energetic Psychotherapy™ (SEP)

is a dynamic yet gentle form of brief therapy. Using the body/mind connection, the energies of painful thoughts, feelings and events are identified. Imagery, breath, prayer and energy modalities are then used to gently release the congested energy. Belief systems which empower replace those impeding growth. Negative spiritual influences can also be resolved. SEP is excellent for the treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias and abuse, as well as distress due to chronic or debilitating illnesses.

Spiritual Energetic Psychotherapy™ (SEP) was 20 years in the making. The first step was studying Clinical Psychology (MA in 1976). As any new therapist will tell you, a Master's degree allows you to enter the world as one insecure clinician. Back in 1976 there were no requirements for licensure. You were on your own.

Prayer Brings Healing

After six years at Catholic Charities in Houston working in a number of areas, especially with pregnant teens and their families, I became the staff therapist at a large Catholic parish. During this time I learned to integrate prayer in the therapeutic process. The first phase was praying with people at the end of each session. I then used visualization and inner healing prayer. Those who incorporated prayer into their therapy got well more quickly than those who did not.

While at the parish I began a weekly 12-Step program for people who wanted a 12-Step meeting with a greater focus on spirituality. That group, the Monday Night Miracles, led to my next position working in an in-patient and out-patient treatment program for alcohol and drug addicts. I led a group called Step Spirit. The purpose of the group was to help the individual connect with his or her spiritual nature. My involvement in this group led to the writing and publication of the book "Step Spirit: The Twelve Steps as a Spiritual Program."

The Discovery that Prayer and Energy Work Are the Same

With the spiritual now incorporated in my therapeutic style, I was introduced to energy work through Healing Touch™. As I practiced the various Healing Touch™ techniques, I discovered that people shared more easily about what was happening to them during an energy session.

Somehow the blocks to their recovery were dissolving while I did the energy work. As I learned more about the power of energy modalities, I realized that the blocks to therapy were caused by congested energy blocking the person's energy field.

These blockages were the result of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. The energy from the various events coalesced in a part of the individual's energy field forming a blockage, much like a dam blocks the flow of water. When the blockage was removed, healing was facilitated.

Doctorate in Mind-Body Psychology

While studying for my doctorate in Mind/Body Psychology at The Union Institute and University, I studied an innovative form of hypnotherapy from The WellnessInstitute Seattle. I incorporated what I learned about the altered state into my healing work.

As I wrote the various papers for the courses I had developed for my doctoral program, I realized they described the process I used for therapy.

The result was my dissertation, a case study of a Spiritual Energetic Psychotherapy (SEP) client using the work of Caroline Myss, Ph.D., as a springboard for evaluation and discussion. The process of writing my dissertation completed my integration of psychotherapy, spirituality, energy work and hypnotherapy.

Learning, Growth and Development Continues

I'm always looking for faster and more efficient ways to assist people in their healing. Through prayer and meditation I continue growing and developing as an individual and as a therapist. Since then I've added The BodyTalk System and PSYCH-K™. Now, to answer some general questions:

What causes energy blockages?

The blockages are congested energies that get stuck in the energy field.

The energies of thoughts, belief systems (i.e., I'm not good enough), feelings (i.e., fear, anxiety) and events (trauma) were not released by the individual and are stuck in the body.

You are empowered to release the blocked energy. Usually, the release is well on its way when you become aware of the source of the congested energy.

Do the energy blockages come from just this lifetime?

No, blockages can be the result of something that happened many lifetimes ago.

When this is the case an image of another time will often come as you focuses on the blocked energy

What else can cause energy blockages?

There are times when blockages are caused by spirits needing to be returned to God or Spirit. There are three types.

1. Those who lost their way after they left their bodies (death).

2. Those still living but have sent part of their energy to be with someone. This happens when someone is so concerned about another that their energies or spirit go to that person.

3. The final group are those who never had bodies and believe that they can never return to God.

Can I release the energy without having to live through everything again?

Yes. SEP works with the energy of the event. It is usually not necessary to relive the events.

You may know the nature of the energy (i.e., fear, anxiety, shame) but not the causative event. Other times you will know both the nature of the energy and the event.

If you do recall the trauma, you will not need to relive it to release the energy.

How do you know if past-life experiences are real?

I don't. The "memories" may simply be a metaphor for something you have experienced.

The important thing is for the energy to be released. Whether you believes it is a "real" event or a metaphor does not matter.

Is it dangerous to release spirits?

I've not had a major problem as long as everyone stays in their heart. Love is the most powerful force in the world.

Even spirits who believe they are evil are affected by Love. In fact, many are afraid of Love. They have been taught to fear Love. The process I use is gentle.

I takes steps to be sure every spirit is escorted by one or more angels to the Light. Some need to go to a place of learning for a time, but all can return to the unconditional love from which we were all created.

is an opportunity to explore the spiritual dimensions of life. Individual goals can include developing a spiritual program, meditation instruction, contacting and communicating with angels and spiritual helpers, healing prayer for painful life events and other spiritual issues.

Spiritual Pathwork

We humans are spiritual beings having a human experience. The essence of our being is spiritual. Our entire life, whether we know it or not, is focused towards spiritual growth.

Spiritual Pathwork moves you along your path. I journey with you for the time we work together. I'm only way-shower.

I provide no answers for you. I simply help you find the answers within yourself. You have a deep inner wisdom allowing you to discover the truth for yourself. Others can only provide opinions, stories from their experiences, and what works for them. In the end, you must look within for your own answers.

When I begin my work with you, I will help you contact the spiritual beings that work with you. I help you focus on your heart and ask these wonderful spiritual helpers to make themselves known.

Once contact is established, and your spiritual guides always want to contact you, I make suggests on how to keep communication going. Blocks in communication usually come from your own sense of unworthiness or disbelief you can be connected to them.

There is nothing God wants more than for you to be in union with God.

What if I use a different name for my Higher Power

That is no problem. I work with you within your own spiritual tradition and belief system. Although my experience is in the Christian as well as metaphysical tradition, I have journeyed with people who do not believe in a personal God.

I have also worked with those who were so wounded in the name of God, they are fearful of God. The goal is to help you find your path to Spirit no matter what name you use for the energy of Love.

I do not attempt to impose my beliefs upon you; although I may share them with you simply to give you another perspective.

I deeply believe that God, Spirit, Source, All That Is, the Great Spirit, Allah is Love Itself and that we are made in the image of that Love. That means that we, also, are love. All you need is a willingness to discover the Source of All in whatever way you are called.

How do I know if the spirits I contact are of God?

There are ways to use your discernment to test the spirits you contact. I will share with you my methods of testing spirits, what to do if one doesn't "feel" like it is from God, and how to protect yourself.

Is Spiritual Pathwork Bible based?
The concepts regarding the spiritual journey can be found in the Bible as well as scriptures of other faiths. People are individuals and different methods, readings, types of prayer and meditations work for some and not for others. Spiritual Pathwork facilitates you in finding what you need for your own personal growth.
The goal is for you to grow spiritually and strengthen your connection to Spirit
If you'd like to contact me, please shoot me an email at


quickly and easily balances beliefs which make life difficult and replaces them with supportive beliefs.

You use your beliefs every day. Everything you do, actions and reactions are based upon your beliefs. Imagine how long it would take to just sit down if you didn't have a belief that a certain object, known as a chair, would support your body.

But what if you believe every chair would collapse on you? What would you do then?

You have beliefs that support you in having an easy and joyful life. You have others that sabotage every effort.


Your beliefs run your life. Everything you do, actions and reactions. are based upon your beliefs. Imagine how long it would take to just sit down if you didn't have a belief that a certain object, known as a chair, would support your body.

But what if you believe every chair would collapse unless you first tested it out? What would you do then? A lot of standing or a great deal of time testing out chairs!

You have beliefs that support you in having an easy and joyful life. You have others that sabotage every effort.

How we live our lives, how we act and react are determined by our belief systems. You may find this hard to believe, but even what we see is determined by our belief systems.

(A simply way of “proving” this are the many times you “see” words spelled the way you think they should be, and not as they are – misspellings.)

If you have a belief that your life is difficult, your subconscious mind, which holds that belief, will assist you in “proving” you right. I sometimes have clients resistant to modalities such as Psych-K, The BodyTalk System and Soul Healing because “It can’t be that easy.”

How do you know what your belief systems are? Look at your life. For example, if holding onto money is difficult for you, you have a belief supporting that condition. It could be any one of a number of beliefs, such as:

  • If I have money then I’m not spiritual.
  • I don’t deserve money.
  • It’s not right to make more money than my parents.
  • I can’t have more money than _______.

Everything about life is governed by your beliefs.

You may not stand up for yourself because you have a belief that doing so means you are mean, aggressive, not spiritual, will be hurt or everyone will leave you.

You may not be able to connect with a Higher Power because you believe “God” will punish you, limit you, or ask you to do something you don’t want to do.

What if your belief was “God loves me in every way just as I am?” Can you imagine how you would live your life if you truly felt loved?

You may even have beliefs keeping you in a state of dis-ease. This can occur when the only time you received attention was when you were ill.

Other dis-ease occurs through a process called “somatization.” This means your thoughts and feelings are affecting your body resulting in pain or stress.

An example is someone very anxious with pain in the gut later diagnosed as “spastic colon. The anxieties and reaction to stressors are the results of beliefs.

In PSYCH-K™ I work with you to balance your beliefs. The process is simple. We connect to your innate wisdom through a process called muscle testing. Once we have the belief to be balanced, we will do one of several simple processes to balance the beliefs.

Sound too simple? Balance for that belief first and watch what happens!

Through Psych-K you can balance individual beliefs surrounding a particular issue, and core beliefs.

Core beliefs form the foundation of your life and can determine:

  • Your relationships with people.
  • How you process information (some people actually shut down when certain types of words are used).
  • Whether or not you deserve good things in life.
  • Determines how hard or easy life will be.

As I have worked with both Psych-K and The BodyTalk System, I have found that innate wisdom has sent me to both modalities within one session.

Learn how one session can incorporate both The BodyTalk System and Psych-K.

The BodyTalk System


helps the various parts of the body communicate with each other.

Think of your body as a collection of "individuals" that need to communicate with each other so they can work together to keep you functioning and healthy. What happens if one part quits talking to another part? Enter The BodyTalk System to re-establish communication.

The Body Talk System

I must confess I was badgered into experiencing BodyTalk. I had several modalities I was happily using with my clients. They were improving quickly and enjoyed the process I was incorporating.

Then along came a friend of mine.

She told me that I just had to learn this new modality called The BodyTalk System. I put her off until I had a session. In fact, I had two sessions. They were remarkable. Here are some of the changes in my life since BodyTalk:

  • Allergy to cats is gone
  • Allergy to pollen is gone
  • I’m more peaceful
  • Food poisoning eliminated in minutes
  • Food poisoning eliminated in minutes (nope, not typos, it happened twice)
  • Wasp sting neutralized in minutes
  • Fibromyalgia pain greatly decreased

How does this work?

The BodyTalk System is a method of balancing the body. When the body is in balance it can resolve for itself many of what people call dis-eases. In addition, when the body is in balance your immune system is stronger and you feel better.

Here are just a few things that have happened to some of my clients:

  • 16 year old able to let abusive boyfriend go
  • Several widows able to resolve extreme pain from the loss of their spouse
  • Neck pain decreased 90%
  • Allergies of all types eliminated
  • 40 year post-operative breast pain gone in one session
  • Irregular heart beat balanced in 5 session
  • ADD and ADHD balanced
  • 3 year old finally starts talking ... and hasn’t stopped
  • Lypoma (fatty benign tumor) shrunk to almost nothing within two weeks after one session
  • Assisted in balancing alcohol addiction
  • Eliminated jet lag

Some of these results seem amazing. For those who had these results, they were miraculous.

Since I am a licensed social worker, with a doctorate in Mind-Body Psychology, my primary goal with The BodyTalk system is to relieve emotional and mental challenges.

People use BodyTalk in various ways. Some people come for just one or two sessions. Others want “tune-ups” every 1-3 months. Still others ask me to use The BodyTalk System “long distance.”

I have a few clients that have major long-term issues and are committed to working with me weekly or more often.

Most people who come regularly for BodyTalk find that the progression is steady. They not only experience balance in their body, but also in their mental, emotional and spiritual lives. That is why they keep coming back.

As with any type of therapy, be it energetic, spiritual or psychological, different people have different results. Some experience "miraculous" changes in one or two session. Others find steady subtle progress as they continue their journey.

In addition to The BodyTalk System I also use PSYCH-K. Please  read  how I incorporate both modalities into one session.

The International BodyTalk Association has published its own informative paper on The BodyTalk System. You can read it  here .

If you'd like to experience BodyTalk in the office or at a distance, please contact me  .

Distance Group Healing

is a powerful integration of BodyTalk and PSYCH-K done in a group and at a distance. You receive a distance group healing session every week and then daily healing through the Soul Healing Prayer. You'll want to get your own copy of the Soul Healing Prayer and detailed instructions on how to use it. Take a moment to sign up for it now.

The Power of Healing in a Group and from a Distance

If you are ready for an intensive month long healing experience, Group Distance Healing is for you.

Not only will your receive four group sessions every month, you also receive daily Soul Healing prayer suggestions ... all for the price of one individual session.

Go here to learn about Distant Group Healing and receive a detailed explanation of the Soul Healing Prayer in the Special Report How Wounds of the Past Hold You Back and How to Heal Them in Five Easy Steps.


Uses regression to access the source of painful feelings or behaviors which inhibit personal growth. Regression can take you to an event of childhood, the womb or even another lifetime. The congested energy of the events is released by expressing long buried feelings. Once the energy is released, you can form new patterns of beliefs, thoughts and behaviors leading to growth and healthy relationships. A powerful aspect of this form of hypnotherapy is the ability to connect with the wounded child and nurture that child.

Hypnotherapy makes use of what is called the trance state. Trance is something we often find ourselves without knowing it. Think of the last time you were engrossed in a movie. You may have experienced these signs of trance:

  • The movie being shorter ... or longer ... than the actual time.
  • Felt the feelings just as if you were there.
  • Other sounds didn't bother you ... if you did notice them.

In hypnotherapy, trance is used to bring your attention inside yourself. You allow images, thoughts and emotions to surface.

How does Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help you go to the source of the problem. For instance, if you have little self-confidence, Hypnotherapy can help you go to the source of where that began. Something may have happened when you were a child and you decided you could never do anything right. Hypnotherapy can help you go back to a belief system and change it to something more beneficial.

How was Cathy trained?

I received her training from Diane Zimberoff of the Wellness Institute. Diane has integrated a number of modalities that she has named Heart Centered therapies.
I first attended a 6-day training followed by a 2-year internship program meeting for 5 days, 4 times a year. The 6-day introduced me to the hypnotherapy process. The Internship provided an opportunity to hone my skills, learn new ones and, most importantly, do my own personal allowing me to be a better therapist.

What are some areas in which hypnotherapy can help me?

What are some areas in which hypnotherapy can help me?You can take any behavior pattern or feeling and use that as a bridge to go to the source of the emotion or behavior. Behaviors can be any kind of addiction (alcohol and other drugs, food, sex, shopping, etc.) The source of any feeling (anger, fear, anxiety, etc.) can be traced back to where it began. Once I trace the feeling or behavior back, then what happens?The next step is releasing the energy. The feeling or behavior pattern is caused by trapped energy. The therapist will facilitate your releasing the trapped energy by expressing it in some way. This could be through tears, yelling, talking, loving, anger release or any number of ways.

Can hypnotherapy make you do something you don't want?

Therapeutic hypnotherapy is not used for mind control. The entire purpose of hypnotherapy is to help you become more of who you truly are, not to force or trick you into becoming or doing something you are not. It can release inhibitions and allow you to do things that you would like to do but have been afraid.

Past-life Regressiong

Uses an altered state to help recover memories of another lifetime. Someone currently in your life, behavior pattern or feeling that is causing difficulty is used as a bridge or pathway to the energy of another lifetime. You are gently guided to the lifetime having the greatest effect upon the issue you are investigating.

Past-life regression is a controversial subject. A number of books have been written by psychiatrists who were trained in hypnotherapy and came face-to-face with their patient's "memory" or a lifetime before this one.

Is reincarnation real?

I didn't believe in reincarnation for the longest time.

It's not in Christian teaching. I'd read articles by Catholic writers saying reincarnation was being on a relentless wheel never achieving salvation.

A friend of mine raised Hindu and converted to Catholicism talked about reincarnation being God's way of giving us multiple chances of growing closer to God.

Christian teaching talks about God forgiving us time and time again. Jesus said that we must forgive "70 times 7 times."

In my view, reincarnation is God's affirmation of our journey.

My mother introduced me to the concept of past lives. She gave me Brian Weiss' "Many Lives, Many Masters."

I remember being angry after reading it because it made so much sense. Why was I angry? This life has been tough enough. I didn't want a repeat performance.

I now believe in reincarnation and do past-life regression for others. Making connections from one life-time to another is fascinating.

I have had many personal healing experiences when I've "recalled" past-lives relevant to aspects of my present life.

I have witnessed many people receive healing through this powerful form of therapy. You, also, may experience healing.

Here are some frequent questions:

In your experience, what is helped most by past-life regression?

Fears and phobias are helped tremendously. I take the individual back to the source of the fear. I assist in resolving the "stuck" energy of the incident that has been carried over to this life-time. The fear or phobia is almost always dramatically reduced or eliminated.

How do I know I am not just making up the experiences?

That is a question with no firm answer. I can sense your energy and am able to tell when you are using your mind or are tapping into a part of you that is in your other than conscious mind.
Even if the event is not historical reality, the very fact that you brought it up is symbolic of how you are feeling. For this reason it doesn't really matter if you are making it up or not.

Although I know you'd like to know if your memory is true or not, the process itself is therapeutic and healing can occur.

Will you do a past-life regression over the phone?

No, I'm not comfortable doing that at this time. I need to see your facial expressions while doing the regression. I might miss something going on within you if I can't see the subtleties in your face.

Give an example of how past-life regression can help me?

The most powerful experiences I’ve witnessed was when someone was afraid of another person.
When you go back to the past-life most affecting the situation, you often return to a time when you were harmed, killed or betrayed by the other individual.

Healing the event in that life-time can result in an easing of the tension in this lifetime. The fear is significantly decreased or even eliminated.

How does energy travel from one lifetime to the next?

I can only give you my perspective on this.

Each one of us is one soul having different experiences from lifetime to lifetime. We play many different roles. Whatever happens to us in whatever time frame leaves an energy imprint.

If something horrible has happened in one lifetime, e.g. drowning, we have a "memory" of the drowning that can follow us. This "memory" may be activated with our first bath or later first swim.

What we do in a past-life regression is find the source of the energy "memory" and free the energy trapped there. I also use the Soul Healing process to bring an even deeper healing.

I don’t get images. Something pops into my mind. Why can’t I get images?

Not everyone has a natural aptitude for imaging just as not everyone has a natural aptitude for singing. I am one of those that doesn't have a natural aptitude for either.
I have many experiences of my personal past-life regressions. Usually I have a "knowing" of what is happening. All I "see" are vague images which come slowly, especially at first.

I have also found, that if the past-life had a strong relationship to what is going on in my own life, I often continue to have images or "knowings" about that past life-time after the regression.

As I have practiced forming images they have become stronger. Some people describe seeing things like watching a video. I wish I could do that. I still have a knowing of what is happening and have achieved deep healing in the process.

How can freeing energy of a past-life change things in this lifetime?

We are made of energy. It becomes blocked or stagnated when we do not allow the energy of feelings to pass through us. Since we are energy, energy blockages will come with us.

By freeing the energy it is no longer trapped within us. Our energy flows freely. The energy "memory" is eliminated.

Energy blockages occur frequently. For instance, we experience fear, but don't want to feel it right now. We might hold our breath and try not to be afraid. This process keeps the energy stuck within us and forms an energy blockage until it is released.

We then carry the energy blockage, known as fear, with us wherever we go. To be free of the fear we need to release the energy of fear.

Soul Healings

The Soul Healing process came about as I was doing a variation of what is known as "soul retrieval." Just as I was beginning to do a soul retrieval in the way I was taught in hypnotherapy training, "someone" whispered in her ear: "Call in the Soul Healing Angels." I did and they gave her a very simple five step Soul Healing process.

"I’ve lost many clients with this new process. They get well!!"

Here are answers to the most frequent questions about Soul Healing.

How do we lose parts of ourselves?

Recall a time something happened and you felt yourself go numb. Perhaps you never got over that feeling of numbness. You simple got used to it. You lived your life not knowing you were not fully connected with yourself.
You can lose parts of yourself when you are very young. Perhaps one of your parents was sick or died ... or they divorced. Maybe someone screamed or yelled at you when you were so young you don't remember.

You have a natural instinct to protect yourself. Many do this by disassociating or "going somewhere else." Victims of abuse relate experiences of watching the event from the ceiling. This is disassociation.

If you don't come back to your body you lose part of yourselves. Soul Healing facilitates recovering those "lost" parts.

How does Soul Healing work?

Soul Healing can be done within any of the modalities discussed. You simply becomes aware that something is missing and call it back.
The Soul Healing Prayer given to me so many years ago is a simple 5-Step process I share with all my clients.

What does Soul Healing feel like?

People have reported powerful healing experiences.
They haven’t always known what was healed, but they have "felt parts" coming back. Many have given delightful descriptions of how their Soul Healing Angels worked with them.

My personal experience has been a feeling of being "more whole." I had no idea I didn't feel complete. Some, but not all, say they always felt that part of them is missing.

I have for you an interview in which I explain the Soul Healing Prayer. You may also choose to receive a copy of this simple but powerful prayer. Please click here to learn about and experience the Soul Healing Prayer.


"Dear Cathy, I continue to feel so much better after our session. My friends have even noticed a difference AND as an unexpected benefit, I look younger than before! I can't thank you enough for putting this "Humpty Dumpty" back together again!"
-- TCG, California

Spiritual Lovefare

Spiritual Lovefare is an amazing and sacred process.

When a spirit, other than an angel or guide, is found, my case load increases.

The original client, the one who first came to my office, joins me as facilitator to bring healing to the detected spirits.

There are three types of spirits who can be released:

  1. Those who have lost their way. These are the spirits of those who have died but, for some reason, have not returned to God.
  2. Other spirits are of people who are still living but are so worried about or obsessed with a particular person part of themselves is with the other.
  3. The third group are those who have forgotten who they are. These are spirits who believe that when they made the  decision to deny God, they could never return to God. 

The release process is not difficult and is freeing for the spirits and for the one to whom the spirit is attached.

Some of the most common questions are:

What do you mean by "those who have lost their way?"

When we die our path is to return to the Light (God).
When a spirit does not do that it is lost.

There are a number of reasons as to why spirits get lost. When the death is sudden, the spirit may not be aware that the body has died. Helping the spirit realize that the body is dead is the first step to releasement.

Often, when the spirit becomes aware of bodily death, the spirit immediately leaves. Other spirits know that the body is dead but are stuck in what we call the astral plane. There are numerous reasons for their reluctance to go to God. Some spirits were addicted or obsessed with alcohol or other drugs, sex, food, people, work or something else. The addiction or obsession keeps them from realizing that they can leave.

Some spirits believe they must stay to help a loved one.

Others are aware of how they hurt people in life and want to make up for it in some way ... or are afraid God will punish them.

How can the spirit of someone still living be attached to a person? 

Let's say you're intently focused on someone else. As you think or worry about them, you send part of your energy to that person.
You can't live your own life to the fullest and your energy drains the other person.

I see this most often with parents worrying about their children. Their children will often report how the parent will not allow them to grow up and was always controlling them.

"Those who have forgotten who they are" sound like demons?

"Demons" is a name used to describe these beings.
I was taught as a first grader in Catholic school that the "bad" angels made a decision against God and could never unmake that decision.

My experience is that God wants all of God's creation to return to God. God is infinite Love. There is no way as a limited human we can begin to understand what infinite love is.

My experience, and that of others, has been that those of the dark side can make a new decision to return to God.

The process of working with these beings is simple ... although not always easy. I need to stay in my heart and out of fear when doing this particular work.

How do you do this?

Spiritual Lovefare, as is all my work, is done in from my heart and within prayer.
I calls upon God, the angels and saints, as well as the client's Higher Power, to help.

I talk to the spirit just as I would talk to a client.

If you are the one with the spirit attachment I lead you in what to say. I also help you stay in your heart.

This is powerful and sacred work.

Isn't this scary?

There are times when I experience fear.
That is when I remind myself to return to my heart.

There is Love and there is fear. Love is the most powerful.

I have found that the dark spirits are very afraid. They are punished by "their master" when they fail. They have also been lied to. They believe that the Light of God's love will cause more pain than anything they have ever experienced.

I've has also discovered these spirits will attempt to scare me off by projecting fear onto me. Once I discovered this I asked Spirit to help me discern between my fear and the fear of the spirits.

Each spirit, even the dark ones, have the Light of God within them. When the spirit connects with the spark of Light within, the atmosphere in the room changes. The feeling moves from one of anger or fear, to confusion and then to "lightness."

How will I feel after Spiritual Lovefare?

Most people report feeling lighter.
Parents have told me their children who experienced Spiritual Lovefare acted differently in a good way. Many times obsessive thoughts and actions disappear. Children's behavior often changes for the better.

Can Spiritual Lovefare be done over the telephone?



The easiest way to get in touch with me is through email. I'm at