Gift Yourself Time for Intensive In-Person Healing at the Beach

Can you imagine the changes within yourself if you had a stretch of time for intensive healing?

I'm talking about being able to spend 3-6 hours focusing just on you, your partner, even family members or a group of friends.

Your time would be tailored to what you need and desire.

We would work with your Healing Team to devise the best program for you.

Your Personal Intensive could include:

  • Time to explore what you most want
  • Changing beliefs to the most suportive ones for your life purpose
  • Balancing your body, mind, and spirit
  • Channeled messages from Amma or other spiritual beings
  • Intuitive readings of potentials held in your energy
  • Working with your Encodement Team to optimize your Encodement System
  • Working with your Soul Healing Team to recover pieces of yourself you have denied due to trauma
  • Generational Healing
  • Hypnotic Regression to discover the cause of patterns of behavior, physical, or relationship difficulties

The More Time We Have, the More We can Do


This is not for everyone

We need to check in with your Healing Team to be sure an intensive program is for your highest good.

Your Healing Team's focus is to assist you in healing with Joy and ease.

Some people can handle a great deal of healing work at one time.

Another may need more time to integrate the energetic changes of the healing sessions.

I want to facilitate your healing at the deepest level possible. There are times my Healing Guides tell me "No more. Time to integrate." We stop for the day or take a break as needed.

What a 3-Hour Session Looks Like

  • 30-Minutes: Evaluate and set up a tentative healing plan. We work with your Healing Team and my Healing guides.
  • 20-Minutes: Intitial BodyTalk Session to balance the Body-Mind
  • 50-Minutes: Encodement work or installing beliefs which support your path in life.
  • 50-Minutes: Encodement work, balancing beliefs, intuitive work, personal reading, or hypnotherapy

The session would be much more fluid than listed. Since we're working with your Healing Team, we may integrate BodyTalk, Encodements, and belief balancing in one 50-minute session. Hypnotherapy would take a full 50-90 minute block of time.

You'll take breaks as needed.

What about a 6-Hour Session 

After an evaluation of where you are and where you want to go, we'd go deeper using the tools mentioned above.

You may want to add a hypnotherapy session which could include past-life regression.

You might choose to do deep work with your angels and guides.

With this deeper work, we just might go somewhere we've never gone before!



Where will you be?

I'll be on the canal side of Bolivar Peninsula. (I'll send address and specific directions after your appointment is confirmed.) If you're coming from the Houston area, you have two choices. One is to come through Galveston and ride the ferry over.

The second is to take I10 E to Winnie and come down 127 S and then make a right on 87. 

If I fly in from out of town, what airport should I fly into?

Most people fly into Hobby. You would probably want to rent a car.

You can fly into IAH, but it is longer.

What if two of us want to come in but want individual session?

If you want something similar to a day-long retreat. I can certainly arrange that. We can talk about the "how" when you make arrangements.

What if several of us want to come in for a "private workshop." Would that be possible?

Sure, let's talk about it. We could do a combination of group healing, channeled messages, even some hypnotherapy work. You could select a topic you'd like Amma to discuss. Maximum number would be 10 people. We'll discuss cost when we finalize the time. 

Will you be doing individual 1-hour sessions?

I can fit that in. One hour will be the minimum time.

What about cost?

My usual fee is $170 per hour. A 3-hour session will be $450 and a 6-hour session will be $800. For a group, let's talk about it when you call to inquire. 

What about housing if needed?

Let's chat about that when  you call.

Interested? Give me a call at 713-261-2932 or email me at DrCathy@OdysseyToWholeness . com

I will have a hospital grade UV light to keep the space clear of microbes.

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